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Get all your latest music updates here for Charlotte Blu! Now more with the singing sensation, Charlotte Blu:

With your latest music, what has inspired you to innovate differently?

With my latest music out, I have been inspired to be innovative in a way that incorporates old sounds with new sounds. For example I love using bluesy chords in my songs and often use similar rhythmic patterns while keeping a fresh vibe.

What tools do you use on a daily basis that apply to your music making?

The tools that I utilize on a daily basis that contribute to the music making would be my trusty acoustic guitar and my phone. To start out I play a set of chords that I am feeling and from there develop a melody. As I am a very forgetful person I whip out the iphone where I use voice memos to help me record and save the work I have just done.

What do you like to do outside of music that helps the music making process?

What I like to do outside of music that helps me with the music making process is by going out and experiencing all that life has to offer whether it's attending a house party, hanging out with family and friends, or taking a walk along the river side. Most of my music is about my personal life experience and I pay close attention to life events that happen to me because I could always turn it into a song.

What creative planning has to take place to prepare you to finally release your music?

Some creative planning that takes place in order to prepare me to release my music is a collective overview of my music with management and from there my rough drafts of the music is expanded upon in the studio. Multiple views and ears are involved in the process as well as musicians. Once the ideas are all together I get in the studio and let my ideas become reality and paint a canvas.

What are your main sources for industry news to keep you informed on everything that is going on in your industry?

My main sources for industry news would be youtube and google. As naive as it sounds, those forms keep me informed on everything that is going on. I also can make inferences and observations based on the artists that are within certain industries by listening to their music.

Give our readers some advice about a time when you thought of a better way to do something in music?

A time when I thought of a better way to do something with my music would be when I was in the studio working on one of my songs, and this song in particular required much more feeling and accentuation of certain notes. I remember getting in my head about what direction the song should go and in the moment my team member told me to just sing whatever I felt. When I was able to let go of the technicalities I was able to add a sense of rawness to my song and that part was kept in the recording.

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