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Hi Sophia! Thanks for being here today! We are going to play a game of "firsts", so here we go! What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? I'd love to say something productive but usually, the first thing I do is check my phone! What was the first concert you attended? The first concert I attended was "The Dave Matthews Band". It was more for my parents but I still enjoyed it! What was your first CD? Gotye - Making Mirrors! Still one of my favorite albums to this day. Who was your first celebrity crush? Surprisingly Hugh Jackman! What was the first song you ever wrote? The first song I ever wrote is when I was 10. I wrote about someone I loved becoming a metaphorical robot. The song was mostly about this person conforming to society's standards and not being who they really were. What was the first song you ever performed? "Ain't No Sunshine" - Bill Withers. I remember I was so nervous to sing in front of a crowd but, once I was on stage and singing it felt like I was really in my purpose!

What was your first musical instrument? A Yamaha guitar! I bought a starter kit so it had things like extra strings and a tuner. What was your first car? A Subaru Outback and, I am definitely happy with that choice! I researched cars for about a year and finally found something that was my style but still safe and practical. What is the first social media platform that comes to mind, so we can tell our readers where to follow you! Instagram which is @sophiawarrenmusic Thank you for your time!

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