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Dina Renee is a pop artist originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, and currently based in Los Angeles, CA. Find out how the Hollywood Sign was the sign she needed...

Bring us back to the days when you first came onto the music scene. What was the most exciting part of that move?

I am originally from Tennessee so I was just so excited to be living in la working with producers that worked with the artists I grew up listening to. It was such a dream and I remember being on my rooftop overlooking the Hollywood sign writing one of my songs thinking wow I will never be depressed again. I’m finally pursuing what I have wanted to do my whole life all on my own. It was a really cool feeling. I’ll never forget it.

What moves are you making daily to make sure you focus on your goals?

I sing and perform every day and try to do a live stream where I play my songs on the piano daily as well. I also try to write a few songs a week. Life gets busy sometimes and I can get discouraged wondering how to afford the business end of it all being an indie artist. It’s not always easy working many creative jobs but it’s all to put towards my music which is the thing that’s most important to me.

How are you applying yourself to make sure that your mental health is being checked on too?

I try to meditate but I’m terrible at it lol. I have depression and anxiety since I was very little. When I pursue my music the depression goes away but the anxiety is still there sometimes. I decided to give up alcohol this year. I only ever drank when I would go out so I don’t necessarily consider myself an alcoholic but I was definitely someone that would binge drink when I did. I think not drinking a drop of alcohol for 4 months now has been helpful to my mental health. It hasn’t been easy but I had to make some kind of change to better my mental health.

What do you think is an indicator for you that you need to slow down? Do you always make sure to listen to that?

I broke my foot twice this year. I was mentally and physically exhausted. I have 3 businesses besides my music so it becomes hard managing it all sometimes. When I start to injure myself randomly I start to realize it’s time to just put my phone away and take a day to literally just sleep and not speak to anyone. It’s a reset to just have a day to yourself. Everyone needs that.

Change is happening everyday in this crazy industry! How are you keeping up with that?

I try to just focus on my art and not so much the trends because it can get overwhelming but I do realize Tik tok is controlling the industry and making videos for it is definitely important.

What music are you jamming to right now that is giving you inspo for your music?

I like Diplo’s new music. Really would love to do more of that style for some upcoming songs.

Let our audience know how they can support your music?

Follow me on Instagram and Spotify @dinarenee

What do they need to be listening to this summer!

I have a new single coming out that I’m featured on! I’m excited for everyone to hear it.

Any important dates we need to know!?

I don’t have performance dates yet but will soon.

What news is just BEYOND your wildest dreams right now that you want to share too?

I’m excited to be a lead in a short film shooting in a few weeks! Acting is one of my biggest passions so I’m excited to get back into that as well!

We are excited about watching you grow and evolve into the best artist you can be! ROCK ON ROCKSTAR!

Leave the most fun ways to keep up with you!!!!

@dreamitdina on tiktok

@dinarenee on Instagram

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