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Chris Hollacheck is a rising star in his own right and "Reminding" us WHY with his new music!

You are creating your own stage for the type of music and art you want to give to the world. Was this the intention of Remind Me Of You?

The number 1 intention is to relate to people. Even though I try to keep most of my music positive and uplifting, sometimes we have our low points in life. And my number one job as a singer/songwriter is to be there for the listener, during the good and the bad!

How are you demonstrating how you want to use your platform?

I feel like even though this is a reminiscing song, it’s very fast and upbeat with a punch to it. I hope that combination relates to the listener’s past or current hardships but pumps them up at the same time!

How is Remind Me Of You different from your past singles?

I think this song and my last single “I’ll Ever Need” have a more modern sound to them than my previous songs. My goal sound wise is to give my music a traditional country sound but also keep my music in the present age. I definitely don’t wanna go Pop Country, but I also don’t wanna live in the past and I wanna keep progressing and evolving my sound and appeal to multiple generations of listeners.

Do you think it's necessary to take control of your narrative when putting out your music or do you let it speak for itself?

I always let the narrative do the talking! Anyone who knows me on a personal level knows I don’t do a whole lot of talking lol. Plus the interpretation of the song is solely in control of the listener. I intentionally put a lot of hidden messages in my songs that people will only discover when they listen to my songs multiple times!

Are there any limiting beliefs that you had to get past in the making of this music?

Absolutely! One of my biggest false limiting beliefs I’ve had to overcome in life (and sometimes still work on overcoming) is that I’m not good enough and that I’ll never be good enough. In a weird way it’s given me motivation to keep pushing harder and bettering myself and my music. But sometimes we have our relapses and low points and “Remind Me Of You” was one of them!

Staying true to form, you always deliver on music that is personal and heart felt. What kind of effect do you want this to have on your fan base?

I just wanna be that voice that understands them when no one else does, through the good and bad. Just like country music did for me growing up!

How are you connecting with them about this latest single?

I feel like a breakup and reminiscing about a past lover is something everyone has experienced at least once in their life. I hope for this song to uplift anyone that’s going through that struggle!

What is something you want to impart on anyone who is healing through your music?

I want them to know that it’s ok to not be ok! Don’t hide from your problems and be courageous enough to face them head on! You’re stronger than you know and will come out of any problem as a better person!

Can you talk to us about the imagery of the music before you leave us?

One of my favorite things about “Remind Me Of You” is the imagery and description of the ex and the experiences with her. I feel like one of my strongpoints as a songwriter is writing very detailed descriptions and attention to detail, while still keeping it in a rhyming and song format!

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