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Known for her dynamic performances and infectious energy, divaDanielle started her career after catching a record that the infamous Darren Emerson threw into the crowd in 2003 (Grant Nelson’s “Free & Switch” for those who were wondering). After many years in the LA underground scene, she started releasing original tracks through InStereo Recordings. Her debut track (and now Diva theme song) “Work” spent 6 months on the Beatport House 100. In 2015 she struck gold with “I Got A Man,” a collaboration with DJ Dan, spending a month in the House Top 10. She has since released on labels such as WyldCard Records, Late Night Munchies, Admit One Records, Fort Knox Recordings and Wulfpack as well as put out numerous bootlegs, including a bootleg remix of Lizzo's "Truth Hurts." She continues to consistently place in Beatport and Traxsource's Top 100 charts and be featured in their curated Best Of and Staff Picks lists.

With a fierce desire to promote women in music alongside an affinity for unicorns, Danielle trail-blazed her way through the California music scene with her self-dubbed brand, ‘Music 4 Unicorns,’ a mix of House, Tech House and Nu Disco. Much like the mythical creature, divaDanielle is one of a kind. She has rocked Northern Nights, Lightning in a Bottle, Coachella, and so many more.

How do you want to break barriers in the music industry as an artist?

I think it's important to keep pushing and supporting women in music. Things have changed a lot but still only 2% of music producers are women. It's important not only to promote myself but make things easier and more accessible to all the women who come after me, who are getting started now, or aren't even born yet!

Bringing the heat with your music! What single fans should listen to now?

My new remix for AirBall - Downtown (divaDanielle Remix). It's the perfect Summer dance floor jam. It's catchy. It's light. You can play it at any gig and I promise you, people will dance.

Where can fans stream and support the music?

How do you feel about your music right now?

I'm extremely inspired at the moment. Been producing nonstop and collaborating with so many people. I think coming out of the darkness that was Covid, I got a lot of time in the studio. It was my one bright spot. And now, as the world begins to open, I feel completely energized to do just that. Just keep creating. Just keep putting music out. All that downtown built up a lot of energy and it's coming out now!

How did you come up with the idea for the project you're working on?

Currently, I'm working on a collab with DJ Denise. She's a great friend and super talented producer. Honestly, she is one of the people that pushed me the most over these last 2 years. So the 2 of us are going back and forth with some ideas. She gave me some great vocals so I'm diving in with a dirty bassline.

What was behind your determination for your music?

I always tell people, I cannot operate on a small scale. It just seems to be a part of personality. Go big or go home! I built a 30ft unicorn for Burning Man once. It's just kinda my vibe. I loved dancing and one day, I was like - I gotta take this to the next level. Then, once I could DJ, I was like - I need to do something new. I've always gotta be learning or challenging myself. I had a musical background and I had to see it through and let the creative part out.

What was the best part of this passion project?

Everyday, I get to do what I love. not everyone gets to wake up everyday and do what they love. I feel eternally grateful for that and know it's a blessing.

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