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We had such a fun time talking to the lovely and talented Singer/Songwriter Athxna about her latest holiday release "Santa Baby", her remarkable music journey in 2020 and some do's and don'ts that she's learned along the way!

Hi Athxna!!! Thank you for chatting with us today!! And THANK YOU for your new Holiday release "Santa Baby" because we sure could use some Christmas Spirit to end 2020! Tell us what it was like recording such an iconic song!

Aww you’re so welcome! I am happy you enjoyed it!! It was fun! I’ve battled with this song for so long! I always felt like I couldn’t get it right! I think it's because I'm obsessed with Eartha Kitts version and no-one can top the queen!

What changes have you had to make in 2020 as an artist that you want to keep going forward into 2021?

Wow I made so many changes it's crazy, I flipped my WHOLE life upside-down. I moved from New Orleans to Nashville, quit my job and dyed my hair hahaha. I did a lot to get me to get started on this music journey and I plan on evolving and moving forward next year as well!

What is a music blunder you’ve made that you swear to never make again?

OH MAN. You wanna hear an embarrassing funny story? I was performing once at school and I was so nervous and forgot the words that I started singing WHATEVER came to my mind! I got onto my knees it was so embarrassing but people seemed to love it so…. win win?

What is a habit you think is the best one to make when starting off in your career?

The habit of being organized and constantly moving.

What piece of advice can you leave our readers when it comes to being an artist?

If you feel comfortable you’re not doing something right. I am constantly putting myself in new situations to benefit my career but they’re uncomfortable because they’re new!

Where can they keep following you Athxna because we love you already!!

You can find me EVERYWHERE @Athxnaofficial! <3 Thanks for the chat :)

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