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North Carolina native, Avery Roberson, realized his love of music and acquired his talent for entertainment from his father and grandfather. Music was all around Avery growing up, and Dad, Tony, played in a country music band called the Hutchins Brothers. They had a Top 100 hit in the late 80s. As a result, Avery picked up the guitar and started singing at an early age. It didn't take long for him to fall in love with Country Music.

Avery got his break when NBC's The Voice cast him in their 20th Season. He finished in the top 28, and the experience solidified his thirst for the stage. Since then, Avery has been writing, spending time in the studio, and playing at live events such as the Carolina Country Music Festival. He released his first single, "Ringtone." which debuted on iTunes Top 100 Country Chart, followed by a second release, "Lord Have Mercy." The song "Alive" is his most famous song yet, with over 1.5 million streams.

When he’s not writing new songs or in the studio recording, Avery enjoys fishing, hanging out at bonfires, playing cornhole, and taking in a few rounds of golf now and again.

Hi Avery! Thank you for this interview!

Thank you for taking the interest and time to interview me!

How would you describe the music that you typically create? Most of the songs I write are emotionally meaningful. Currently, It’s the lane in which I enjoy writing. Tell us about your single, 'Home Sweet Home?’ It's a song that shines a light on my hometown and lets them (the townspeople) know how much I appreciate them. What was your thought when you first started to compose the single? Many people from my county are proud of what I’m doing, and I wanted to give back something. What inspired you to create the single? One day as I sat in my room looking for inspiration, a pillow that my grandmother had made for me caught my eye as it had never done before. The words ``Home Sweet Home” were hand stitched on the front. Those three words gave me the inspiration and reason to share something personal about my life, so I wrote the song about my hometown. In terms of the overall composition, what is your favorite part of the single? This song is truthful to other people and me. I think about the lyrics, particularly the part where I sing “I'm talking about pine trees reaching for the sky…Crickets chirping in the middle of the night and a ‘Small Town Friendly’ sign.” It reminds me of driving through town in my first car, which was a V-6 stick-shift Mustang. On the other hand, if you ask other people, they have said their favorite part is the melody. Either way, the song is catchy and sticks with you. Tell us about your process. How do you find inspiration when working to a deadline? I really don’t have deadlines. When you have a song idea, that is the inspiration. If you’re really into it, you continue on until it is finished. For “Home Sweet Home,” I was inspired to complete it because I wanted my hometown to hear this. How have you been able to use social media for this release? I promote videos through TikTok, but I also use Instagram and Facebook. Those are the main platforms that I use. Give us all your socials!

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