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Away From Me is such a vulnerable song and you take us on that journey with a visual lyric video. How did you come up with the concept visually?

The story behind the concept of the lyric video for Away From Me. I was on a random drive with a girlfriend of mine. We’re New Yorkers, we’re so rarely driving in a car! But I had a rental and was back early, so I used it as an opportunity to pick her up and go cruising. Also the perfect place to listen to a new demo. We had just entered a tunnel and Away From Me was playing, the first time I was sharing it with someone. She grabbed her phone and said “oh my god, this is the perfect driving song” and started filming the road ahead of us. When it came time to spitball ideas with the video editor, I told him about this drive and got my friend’s iPhone footage as a reference. We then came up with the rear view perspective as it’s about “moving away from me,” and the letters fading or breaking away. I think it came out beautifully and really conveys the emotion of the tune. I love that it started from a spark of an idea on a Sunday drive!

Why did you pick that name for the single?

The name of the single came from the breakthrough of writing the actual song. I wrote “Away From Me” after my dad died. He and I were tight. I was grief stricken for quite a while. It affected everything, especially any creativity. Eventually I was able to pick up my guitar and have this conversation both with him and myself. I started wanting to move on from the grief, and find a way to keep on living. Not move away from him, he will always be with me, but there was a moment of realization that he would want me to keep moving on all that I’m doing even without him here. To keep on living and be happy.

Does it ever get stressful when you have to come up with a title?

No. It comes to me from the lyrics or the story behind the song. I never start with a title, it usually comes mid song writing. I actually love the ‘a-ha’ moment when it hits like “that’s it, THAT’S the name of this song.”

What was challenging about making the single?

Honestly, just getting through some of my own lyrics without crying! My guitarist and producer on this song, Derek Cruz, would shoot me a look of support if the line “when hard as hell you said hustle, and it’s alright” was coming. He knew that was the one that would always just take me down in rehearsals. There is something so personal about that specific line and how I am who I am today because my dad taught me to work hard for I want no matter what is thrown my way. I am the strong woman I am today because of that.

Any rituals you have while you're in the studio making something new?

Well, perhaps I started a new one here and brought photos of me as a little kid with my dad holding me and put them on the mixing board and in the vocal booth. My mom said he would be holding me that day before I head out to the studio, so that felt right to me.

Any rituals you have when you release new music that you could share?

Is getting nervous as hell a ritual? Lol. I love putting things I’ve created out into the world. The nervousness around the vulnerability of sharing your art with others is part of the excitement. I always say I’m doing this for myself and if I reach just one other person who can relate to it in some way or be inspired, I am happy.

Give us the BEST compliment about the latest lyric video?

The best compliment was in a review and reviews are scary! I was blown away that a music critic would say this… “Typically lyric videos are fairly on the boring side, but she’s significantly stepped it up and we confidently think you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you missed out!”

It's such a unique piece of work because it captures you from the start and as a fan being able to sing along and get into your vibe is everything! What is one word you could sum up about the feeling of Away From Me?

Oh gosh, one word is very challenging. This song brings up a ton of emotion in me and in the listeners. But, I guess I would say “strength.” Though it does pull at your heartstrings, there is the message of strength in there for sure.

Who do you owe for the release of the song?

All of my friends and family (some are one in the same!) who were and continue to be so supportive, through the good and the bad.

How does everyone go watch your special Lyric video for Away from Me?

On my Jill Fiore Youtube channel. And please, if you enjoy it, give it a like and subscribe!

Drop a hint of a surprise you have a instore next!

The creativity is FLOWING since this release and I have been cranking out new material. I have not one but two new tunes that I’m going to debut at my upcoming birthday show at The Bowery Electric on Saturday 4/23 and an industry showcase at Arlene’s Grocery on Wednesday 5/18 in New York City. The studio recordings will follow with more releases this summer. Keeping it moving!


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