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Back at it with Back to you by musical artist Reina Mar!

What music are you streaming right now over and over for inspiration? I am streaming a lot of Olivia Rodrigo right now for some inspiration. I absolutely love the storytelling through her songwriting and her amazing voice! Also listening to a lot of Adele especially her new song "Easy on Me" What music should fans be streaming of YOURS right now over and over? "Back to You" is my latest single I just released back on 10/21 and definitely the song you should be streaming out of my releases! It is probably the most vulnerable pop ballad I have ever written and released into the world. It describes what it feels like to be without that special person anymore who you've had in your life. I believe the song could speak to so many and be relatable on so many levels. It is available on all digital platforms and the Music video is available to watch on Youtube and has blown up to almost 500k views! How inspired are you right now to make new music? I definitely have the creating bug right now. I really want to keep the momentum going so I am pretty set on continuing studio and writing sessions as well as shows every week. What are you making sure to add into your music? Lately, I have really been focusing on improving my vocal production to really heighten the song and take it to a new level. So I always make sure there are layered harmonies and ad-libs to bring the song to the next level. Tell us a time where the reaction to your new music left a lasting impression with you? Someone recently commented on youtube for the new "Back to You" music video and they said how much the song moved them since they just lost their loved one a few months prior and how relatable the song was. This really touched me since the reason why I create music is so that others could feel like they are not alone in what they are going through. Leave us with a wonderful quote to leave our audience with a lasting impression of YOU! "Everything happens for a reason" is my favorite quote. I believe that all the obstacles and failures we encounter in our life are meant to happen so that we can grow as a person and become a stronger and better version of ourselves. I don't see anything as a failure but an "experience" that will guide me to the road to success.

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