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Lockyer Boys (Will and Charlie Lockyer) are brothers born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Entertaining crowds with stage presence far beyond their years made them an immediate show-stopper at festivals, concerts, and event openings.

What is the driving force of your career in this upcoming New Year?

Excitement for what is to come… we have big plans that we can’t wait to set in motion!

Are you planning to do anything BIG next year for your career?

We want to release lots more music but also have larger shows and continue to grow our audience.

What adjustments have to be made in order to get to that goal?

Now that we are both out of school, we can focus 100% on music which has been awesome

What personal goal have you set for yourself that you'd like others to think about too?

We want to grow our audience, get the word out and create a massive group of followers that can all connect!

Making more moves in this New Year can be really exciting, is there anything that you are nervous about when it comes to your career? How do you get over those nerves and go for what YOU want?

Nothing will happen unless it’s done 100% - so we stick to our plan and commit to it completely

Name the word of the year for 2023?


Setting intentions is so important especially when accomplishing your goals! How do you make sure to keep that heart and drive you have for yourself?

Being a duo is nice for this. We push each other and hold each other accountable. Gives us a good amount of discipline.

What is happening NEXT for you?

As of right now, we will be writing and producing more and more content in Vancouver. Then we have some shows in LA that we’re excited about in February. We hope to release a few new singles before then too:)

Social media for ALL your new fans? Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day!

Instagram. TikTok. Facebook. YouTube. Twitter. All under @lockyerboys

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