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We had the chance to not only talk to Pop artist Codi Dillon about his style and vision for his latest album "Collusion" but also get inside the mind of the artist on what it takes to be successful!

Hi Codi!! Thank you for taking the interview with us! We LOVE your style by the way! What influence did it have on your new album “Collusion"?

Thank you!!!! I definitely had a strict vision and style. I wanted to surround this era of music. That being very futuristic and E-Boy, raver kid from the 90’s meets modern day space club. I have always loved fashion and feel like it can enhance you as a person and your confidence as well as boosting your presence and brand as an artist!

What habit was the hardest to break in your career?

Either not taking enough time for myself, or being complacent with where I am at. I’ve had a lot of success this year and I want to keep on that track, however, I’ve put my resting time on the back burner. I’ve learned from some of my mentors that you have to make time to rest or you can burn out. So that’s why I took a little breather after the album dropped, and now I am recharged and ready to conquer.

Name the proudest moment in your career?

I think the album release and the HUGE spike in streams I’ve received. This new music is the most ME, and the most connected I’ve ever felt to my music. So I’m extremely happy at how it’s being received from the listeners!

What’s one ingredient that you must have when applying it to your music?

Charisma and the ability to ADAPT!! There are so many uncertainties in this industry, and not to mention it’s always changing. So you have to be ready to roll with the punches.

What piece of advice can you leave our readers when it comes to being an artist?

My best advice is to stay true to yourself! Know what you want and work for it. Do NOT take “No” for an answer, and be disciplined with yourself and your work. It’s the recipe for success! Also, have a good head on your shoulders and know what you’re trying to sell.

Where can our readers FOLLOW and send love to your latest projects and any upcoming ones because we LOVE it already!

You can follow me on my website ( — for updates, music, and MORE!

Instagram — @codi.Dillon

Twitter — @thecodidillon

Facebook — @CodiDillonMusic

TikTok — @codidillon

As well as YouTube! & Stream my music on APPLE MUSIC & SPOTIFY !

For Press Inquiries:

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