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Singer/ Songwriting sensation Dina Renee talks latest release 'Can't Let You Go'.

What is the fabulous Dina Renee up to now a days?

I have been really excited to be releasing new music again! Just shot the cover of Bsquared Magazine which was amazing!

Talk to us about your latest single?

“Can’t Let You Go” is a song about not being able to let someone go that you know is toxic to you. It’s a very different style track than I’ve done before! I hope people can relate to it and like it.

How are you staying inspired?

I created a Photoshoot spot called Hollywood Pastel Palace which looks like a Barbie dream house. Seeing people shoot music videos and photoshoots here everyday inspires me so much. Also going through a breakup recently/heartache and loss on my own has inspired me to make new music.

Anything that has been a challenge with making new music?

I think being an indie artist is always tough because people don’t realize how much money it truly costs from your own pocket to put out music. The production costs alone are very expensive and also promotion. I like to be in full control creatively of my projects but it would be nice to have a label’s budget.

How are you challenging yourself to be better everyday?

I just try to take one day at a time. I’ve struggled a lot with anxiety about the future in these uncertain times but I try to keep a good circle of friends around me and stay positive.

Anything new in the works?

I want to make two new music videos soon that I’ll release. Music videos have always been my favorite thing in life.

How do we stream and support you?

Dina Renée on everything :) Thank you so much for the support!

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