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We are obsessing over the fabulously talented Singer/ Songwriter Dina Renee who gets real about her single "Only Human", the human in her and the truth to what it takes to take your artistry into your own hands!

Hi Dina!! Thank you for taking the interview with us! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your single "ONLY HUMAN"! Can you tell us where you were in your life when writing it?

Thank you so much! I was honestly going through kind of a depressing time and was just being really hard on myself with where I was at in life. I wanted a song that people could relate to but also inspire people to really go for their passions and to not be afraid! Don’t let “you” get in the way of “you.”

What’s the theme in your life that spills over into your music?

I think the theme of my life is a phrase I thought of long ago “dreamitdina”. It means to live life on your own terms and to not have to explain yourself to others. I tend to be a no filter very spontaneous person. If I really want something I always find a way. I’m the kind of person that will travel somewhere with no money but somehow figure out how to have the most luxurious and amazing experience! My music has also been a lot about heartbreak because I live with an open heart and unfortunately that means letting the wrong people in. But I’ll always have songs like that because it’s what I’ve gone through too many times to count and I want my music to just inspire people to be their authentic selves and to realize that anything is possible. There are no limitations!

What’s one thing your fans don’t know about your career?

It took a very long time to even be able to put myself out there as an artist. They might be surprised to know that the first time I performed and sang with my real voice to an audience, It was my 18th birthday at a karaoke bar in my hometown. But I think it truly took leaving my hometown to really come into my own and start my career as an artist.

Who do you want to collaborate with on music if you could right now?

I’d love to work with Kelsea Ballerinini - she’s actually from my hometown in Knoxville, TN. I’d also love to work with Bebe Rexha.

What piece of advice can you leave our readers when it comes to being an artist?

I think being an artist is all about having a vision for yourself and not going outside of that. You can’t expect others to see your vision. You have to create it and just go for it.

Where can they keep up with you and all your upcoming projects because I know they're going to want MORE Dina Renee!

You can follow all my projects @dinarenee on everything. and @dreamitdina on Tik tok

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