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Daniel Andrews(born 9/24/80 in Tyler, TX.) is a country singer/songwriter that currently resides in Houston Texas. His music is influenced by some of his heroes like George Strait, Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Chris Stapelton, and many others. He started music when he was 8 years old singing in church with his mother. From that point on he has been in and out of the music scene, taking time to raise his family and further his career. For the last year he has rededicated his life to his music focusing back on it full time. He has been able to share the stage with some amazing local artists such as Jeff Canada, Hannah Morgan, Morgan McKay, Trent Cowie and has had the opportunity to work with guys some very high level players out of Nashville Tn. He is currently signed on a developmental deal with SSM Nashville and has had articles published on him such as The Nashville Voyager and Volatile Weekly. He currently has music out on all streaming platforms now and plans to release his first radio single later this year in 2022.

Your latest music is OUT soon! What a vibe!!

Currently I am working on my first radio single that will come out later this year. We don't have a date just yet, but we are super excited about it. I think it is a song that most relate to quite a bit.

How do you go about creating your vibe for your music?

For me it is a lot of things. Sometimes it is something I hear that triggers something in me, other times it is by accident just playing around with the guitar. I like it that way. It makes everything feel super organic that way.

How much time did you spend on this latest set?

I spent quite a bit of time with this one. We kept circling back to it really trying to lock in on the vibe we were going for. It took us a few months on this one.

Do you ever spend time just circling around the music and worrying about letting it go?

Of course. It is very easy to do that. If you aren't careful, you will spend too much time and mess with it too much that it ends up not being what you wanted it to be in the first place.

What do you grip onto most when it comes to the creative process?

I focus most on how it makes me feel personally. I try to put myself in someone else's perspective and what that would look like.

What was your writing process like and how did it affect you?

This was a real life experience for me just having a bad day. I tried to turn it into something positive that I can always lean on to make me feel better on those tough days.

Who do you trust to give advice if something is ready or not?

I have several folks that I lean on, most are some very talented veteran artists. At the end of the day, you have to be the one that feels right about it before you let it out.

Where is all your music so we can continue to listen!

You can find me on all of the streaming platforms now. August 19th Dirt Road Memories drops. Don't miss this one. Here is a pre-save link.

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