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Naomi Sky talks her latest music!

Thank you for taking this interview!! Talk to us about what your vibe of 2021 is for your music?

My vibe is all about being aware of my emotions and owning them, having fun embracing life and the beauty of it! Living it to the fullest and dreaming big about what could be! New music? Where can we listen?

I’m on all major streaming platforms, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube. Wherever you listen, you can find me under Naomi Sky! My most recent song is called Let’s Dive In! How did you come up with the idea of the song?

I write in a state of flow, so for this song, I was thinking about love and how scary it can feel to start a new relationship after being hurt before. Some say the best way to conquer our fears is to dive right in! So the idea for this song came from some self-reflection! Who are the positive influences you've met along the way of your music journey?

I met two of the most positive influences in college: my voice teacher/friend for life/mentor, Cassandra Claude and my professor/soulmate friend/mentor, Raina Murnak. They encouraged me to be myself and embrace all of who I am, whatever that means! I admire their strong work ethics, their passion and love for life, creativity, intelligence, and their souls. New moves this summer?

I’m getting ready to promote a new single! I’m so excited about this song because it paints me in a different light. I hope it shows how we all have these different aspects of ourselves that make us unique individuals! Socials! Thank you!

Instagram: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Spotify: Website: Direct links: (Let’s Dive In Music video)

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