The ultra talented Don Ugly wrote, produced, mixed and mastered his entire latest single!

What kind of vibe did you want to have with your latest single Drug Rugs?

Drug Rugs has been my "go-to" song for getting a crowd going for a few years now. When I was producing it, I wanted to give it a sound as if you were hearing it at a bar on a saturday night after a few too many whiskeys. Hearing it in that environment for so long I just couldn't steer away from it, hahaha.

Can you tell us about the name? Where did it come from for you?

The song is based on an experience I had with some friends. During that time, we were wearing these poncho-like sweaters you see at reserves or side bar gas stations. Some people call those types of sweaters "drug rugs" . I felt it was something to add while I was writing the lyrics and it ended up being the title of the song.

"We all were wearing drug rugs on that day"

Who helped you on this single?

I wrote, produced, mixed and mastered this entire track.

Any visuals coming soon?

Visuals and then some. I don't want to give away any spoilers right now, but there are some great things in the works that are TBA

What is the most challenging part about releasing new music?

It can be difficult to release the song in general. As an artist your song is never really finished, there's always something you'll find and pick at and figure you can make "better", but there's a point you have to just let it go. It's very important to let other people critique your work before giving it a release date. Especially as a solo artist.

What is your favorite part?

Other than the recording process, I love the feeling on release day. On that day, it's all official, and you can celebrate your work. Your baby was born and that's the day they leave the nest, and meet the world.

Thank you for sharing your art with us! Tell our audience how to follow you?

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