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We got to catch up before Christmas with Corri English and Elizabeth Lyons about their latest collaboration "Feelin' Like Christmas" that's out NOW, what they're up to now and what they'll be up to in the future!

Hi Ladies!! "Feelin Like Christmas" is SO much fun!! Tell us with 2020 coming to a close, what made this release important to you?

CORRI: THANK YOU!! We hope that’s exactly the feeling listeners feel when they turn it up… and releasing this song was important already, but after a year like this one, it feels good to be able to share something feel-good! Seeing people share our tune while decorating their trees or dancing around their living rooms has been good for my soul (and hopefully theirs, too!) ELIZABETH: The song was born of time spent with the writers hanging out, drinking some good wine, and reflecting on the things for which they’re most grateful. The result was an up-tempo, singalong-able song that pays homage to "It's a Wonderful Life" - the perfect reference for finding a new perspective amidst the (seemingly) worst of times. Not to mention that getting to Christmas means we are THIS close to the end of a crazy year - that alone seemed reason enough for a feel-good song celebrating the good stuff!

What changes will you be making for 2021 that you'd never thought you'd be doing with your music?

CORRI: Probably doing lots of “virtual” writing sessions!

ELIZABETH: I will be releasing my first full length album... 9 songs!

When has there been a time when you had to push yourself out of your comfort zone musically?

CORRI: Definitely! I played in a duo for years, and when I started playing shows on my own, just me and a guitar- no band, no backup vocals/harmonies… I felt so vulnerable! I realized quickly that audiences have a real appreciation for something stripped down, and that it can be just as impactful as a band, in a totally different way.

ELIZABETH: Now! I've been recording new music for my full length album the last 6 months and working really closely with the producers to make sure I get exactly what I'm looking for it to sound like!

What was the moment that made you go "This is why I'm an artist"?

CORRI: I’ve had a couple of those moments!! One was while I was still playing in my duo (Brokedown Cadillac) - we had a chance to take our band overseas to Iraq & Kuwait for 3 different tours for our troops. It’s something that was incredibly important to me, because it was the best way I could figure to say “thank you” to all those men and women who sacrifice so much.. and when we saw how much it meant to THEM to have that momentary escape that music can bring - it was truly magical. I thought - it doesn’t matter if I ever play another show, THIS makes all of the work and time and money invested worth it, no question.

ELIZABETH: I don't know if there was one moment but I love to see my music making people happy or helping them through a hard time! I try to bring light and hope into people's lives!

Thank you for sharing your joy of the holidays with us!! Where can our followers listen to "Feelin Like Christmas" and all your musical adventures!!

CORRI: Absolutely our pleasure!! You can follow my music (as well as my podcast, acting, and family life on instagram @corrilee, or my website (where you’ll find links to facebook/Spotify/Apple,etc). You can grab “Feelin Like Christmas” here:, and see our music video for the song right here: !

ELIZABETH: Download Corri English & Elizabeth Lyons new single “Feelin’ Like Christmas" HERE!

Watch Music Video: HERE

Watch Behind the Scenes Video: HERE

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