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Born in New Bern, NC and raised down a 7 mile dirt road deep in the woods, Chris Hollacheck grew up in the kind of setting you’d picture being in a country song. His musical journey started very early when he learned cello at 3 years old! Chris has also played piano, trumpet, baritone, and bass guitar and performed singing and acting in numerous plays all before the age of 18. After graduating high school, he picked up guitar in college at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. It was there that he discovered his passion for songwriting and singing country music. Once he graduated college, he moved to Nashville in 2014.

After a couple years of playing open mics and writer rounds and working odd jobs, Chris decided to leave Nashville and travel the country. He started venturing in Florida and then Texas, where he played more frequent shows and gained a diverse group of fans. During this time, he released his first radio single “Knotty Thing” in January 2019. After 2 years in Texas, he decided to move back to Nashville where he ended up taking his music further.

Music Credits:

Written and performed by Chris Hollacheck, produced by Jd’s Joint, videography and photography by Blooming Seed Media

Titled Track:

Follow The Light

Explain in depth of how you went about your latest track?

I wrote the song after an impactful trip to Sedona, Az last year that left me very spiritually enlightened.

The titled track holds some heart for you. How did you discover that?

By going deep inside myself and letting the words out with no filter.

How far deep do you reach emotionally while creating your music?

As deep into my soul as I can go.

Did you want to take your time when making this music or did you just want to get it out NOW?

I wanted to get it out as soon as possible, however I needed to stick to my release plan to send it out at the right time.

Who is responsible for making this music happen overall?


What is the turning point for you when it's time to perform this music LIVE?

I just know the power of this song and the positive impact it makes on people’s moods when they hear it, so there’s never any hesitation to play it.

Turn on the sound and let's get LOUD! Where can fans listen to your music and maybe get LIVE sounds from you! We know they want to jam out with you LIVE!






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