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How something minor turned to something major, aka the Foreseeing Fools.

You have worked so hard in your career, what do you attribute that to?

Jimbob and CC both enjoy challenging themselves, and both have a bit of Obsession Disorder. They are also pretty competitive with each other, when it comes to almost anything. That song “anything you can do I can do better” is a real-life struggle.

They do however complement each other in a positive way. If one or the other needs help, they are “Johnny on the spot” to support one another. Jimbob is always willing to teach CC new techniques and about music theory. CC is always supportive of his ideas and helps him see different views, when he gets stuck in his head. They never put one another down, it’s always “how can we make this better and more efficient?” In music and life as well.

Being Able to go with the flow, when something doesn’t work out or changes is a big factor as well. “Everything happens for a reason” is what they say quite often.

How did you come up with your band name?

Jimbob and CC were traveling to Reno, Nevada. When a song popped on the radio, CC looked at the screen in the car, to see what the song was called. Her Dyslexia kicked in and read the song title wrong. The song was called “Fortunate Fool” by Jack Johnson. She said, “foreseeing fool, what a cool song name.” Then Jimbob told her with a confused look on his face “That song is not called Foreseeing Fool, CC!” He drove a little longer pondering the conversation and then said, “Oh man, Foreseeing Fools would be a kick butt band name though.” Thank goodness for Dyslexia and long road trips. Definitely better than the other name they had “The Steamy Romps.”

How do you make decisions as a group?

When it comes to decisions, they both will try out the idea or plan that came about. They will try it once if they do not like it, they will drop it and try something different. Most of the time Foreseeing Fools will start one way with the project at hand, then it will completely change, from what they started with. That is usually how they get the final result, by trial and error.

What moves are you making right now?

At this point the Foreseeing Fools are working on their social media platforms. They are finding out how important having a virtual platform is. They love making quick live videos for their Instagram and traveling to different places to get some interesting pictures.

They are trying to get ready for a tour for next year 2022. Foreseeing Fools are getting their ducks in a row for that year. They are really looking forward to that. This year they are weekend warriors when it comes to shows, because Jimbob has to work an underground mine for a year. So, they have been at home really honing in on their sound and skills.

Their music is how they get away after work. They feel guilty if they do not play music every night. Almost the same feeling that one might get if you forget to pick your friend up at the airport.

Where can we follow everything you're up to?

Foreseeing Fools main platform to keep you updated is through Instagram. They also have TikTok. But if you want to see what Jimbob and CC are up to in music and life, Instagram is the best way to go about that.

How excited are you about performing live again?

Jimbob is super stoked about performing live again. He loves traveling and getting up on stage and rocking out with his fancy feet work on the Farmers Foot Drum. CC thinks he likes setting up the stage the best. He is always timing himself to see how fast and efficient he can get it all set up. But Jimbob says his Favorite part is the interaction with the audience and the social interaction after the show.

CC is a little nervous about Starting to play again. She had such bad stage fright that she had to overcome it by doing “Pinup Competitions.” Putting herself out there like that, did help her to get over the fear of being in front of people. She does love to put on a show, now that she is more comfortable on stage. The pinup competitions helped tremendously with her confidence. It’s before getting on stage is the nerve-racking part for her now. But absolutely loves it once she puts that guitar on and begins to sing.

To answer the question in a shorter answer, Foreseeing Fools can’t wait to get up and make noise for whomever is willing to be a listening participant.

New music dropping?

Right now, Foreseeing Fools are working on new songs for a new EP, which will be coming out in spring of 2022. They are wanting to do a full-length vinyl as well. It will have a remake of “Bootleg Cigarette “and “Cheshire Grin” from their first EP. The vinyl will also have a remake for “Whiskey and Riots “and “Straight Shooter” and the four new songs. You will only be able to get the remade songs by ordering the record. They should have everything out by early 2022.

What should fans be listening to right now of your music?

“Whiskey and Riots” is one of their favorite songs. It’s a very upbeat song with a little aggression to add flavor. Also, that is the song they are pretty fond of when playing live. CC really likes “Unlawful Affair.” The guitar work on that song is very unique and constantly moving.


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