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Welcome to the growing music of Lainey Dionne: Singer, guitarist, and songwriter who has won praise for her energy and passion.

Lainey Dionne's debut album strikes a fresh chord with its mix of pop and rock 'n' roll, soaring melodies, and poetic lyricism. Lainey writes music that's relatable and fun.

Born and raised in Rhode Island, she has an uncanny ability to befriend any audience, making her live performances one of the most enjoyable you'll have. Her 12-song album “SELF TITLED” is a rollercoaster ride of raw, honest emotions that come with being a woman.

Find out more about Lainey Dionne. She's all about finding what makes you happy and living your life to the fullest. Through her songwriting, she embodies an aura of positivity. Her melodies are pure, simple, and meaningful.

The lyrics are solid; she believes in herself and stands for what she believes in. She will be the confidence that you need to chase your dreams!

1. Hey London

“Hey London” is a smooth, piano-inspired jam that will have you feeling happy enough to shout, "Hey London!" It's an upbeat, feel-good track with a fresh sound.

With soothing vocals helping carry the tune, Lainey Dionne has created a song that hits home for anyone who has ever felt like they belong.

This acoustic song starts off slow with a piano melody and a gentle guitar riff that leads into a whole intricate band of instruments.

“Hey London” is a song about a girl who has to leave London and move back to her hometown after a breakup with her boyfriend. She is unsure if he will follow her, and this is the result of that fear. The song itself does not address his position, but rather hers.

2. Last Flight

Alternative pop artist Lainey Dionne's "Last Flight" is an emotional jam; its deep vocals and evoking beats create the musical equivalent to the point at which your head is buried in someone's shoulder.

The song features cinematic synthesizers, ambient melodies, light-hearted mellow blissed-out beats, and vocals that blend so nicely with the atmospheric vocal chops.

The track is reminiscent of some of the best electronica, but with a twist of an optimistic guitar with a powerful chorus hook. Not only is the music on par with some of today's top indie groups, but Dionne's vocals and lyrics bring new life to the genre it so deftly represents.

The song talks about breaking up and moving on. But there can be another "last flight" if things get better between them, again.

3. Wake up Call

“Wake up Call” is a very passionate tune with power, feeling, and an edge to it. This high-energy instrumental piece is designed to win your listeners over with upbeat drums, guitar melodies, and driving percussion.

It begins with a fast-paced rock guitar jam with awesome drum beats and transitions into an up-tempo rock tune featuring fast synth bass lines leading into high-energy vocals.

Wake Up is a narrative track, the first-person point of view on a failed relationship told from the victim's perspective. It describes a slow slide towards detachment and an almost phoenix-like rise from the ashes as one realizes that there is more to life than misplaced love.

4. Old Enough

"Old Enough" shuffles along smoothly, bringing the listener into its orbit. You can't help but feel your toes tapping as you listen to the catchy, blues-inspired guitar riffs and soulful vocals motioning you to dance.

The piano melody at the beginning of the song takes on a moody tone, yet transforms into a solid catchy chorus.

"Old Enough" is a message about relationships that are based on more than just looks, age, or the physical attraction to one person.

It's that thing that's often hard to put into words but people can feel. Your first love... your first heartbreak... first kiss... all have something in common... something so rare and unique... something so indescribable.

All in all this song has all the ingredients of being one of the biggest tunes this summer!

5. Damned

The song "Damned" is a beautiful and catchy slow jam that carries inventive and intricate vocals if you are looking for a classic R&B feel with seamless transitions.

It’s an intriguing slow jam featuring the familiar groovy beats. You'll love the chorus, vocals, and melody that runs throughout this catchy track. The song's chorus is as sweet as it is chilling, as Dionne’'s addictive vocals float above a gorgeous slow jam.

This infectious track is about trying to break up with someone for who you've given your all. If they aren't ready to be taken away from their problems, then you let 'em go.

A song will help keep the memory alive of the person you once loved, but whom it's time to leave behind.

6. Kick It In The Shadows

The song "Kick It In The Shadows" is a feel-good song with piano and beats inspired instrumentals.

The upbeat tempo of the fast-paced lyrics in this song and Lainey Dionne's unique voice can sing an upbeat tempo in a smooth voice. This allows this aerobic exercise running jam to kick in the shadows for positive energy.

This song talks about how there are certain things that people do that they hide from everyone else. Nobody takes time out to listen to other people's problems or to figure out what emotions are hidden inside of them, but everybody comes staring at you wondering why your emotions are so deep.

“Kick It In The Shadows” is about getting beyond the barriers of communication between people.

7. Skin

"Skin" is an upbeat and fun song that makes you want to get up and dance.

Rather than relying on a guitar for the song's most central riff, the main hook "shoots across" sonic planes, with a sweetly jangly intro guitar melody that transitions into an upbeat combination of drums, vocals, and electronic sounds.

Upon reaching its chorus, "Skin" has a dramatic effect – rather than soaring with big vocals and highly produced instrumental tracks.

The energy of the recording is reduced with a stripped-down aesthetic that emphasizes a balance between sweetly sung vocals and a clear, resonant acoustic guitar, paired with smooth beats.

"skin" is a song about experimenting with the boundaries of your own identity. It's about trying to figure yourself and what love truly means to you.

8. Cool Story Bro

Lainey Dionne's song "Cool Story Bro" takes the beats to the next level. It starts with an elevated baseline, perfect for a club or rave, and transitions into a fast-paced drum beat.

Instrumental sections give way to an explosive chorus packed with tight beats, powerful synths, and soaring vocals. The chorus features the same rhythms, but sped up, creating an advanced sound that is sure to turn heads.

The song is about a guy who tries to charm a girl into going out with him. She doesn't feel it. He ignores her lack of interest and presses on as she tries to tell him how he's not her type.

The song is supposed to be a callous put down but unfortunately for him, his aggressive come-on comes across as insecure desperation instead.

9. Cumbria

The song "Cumbria" is an inspiring guitar riff perfect for easy listening or a calm morning coffee. The jangly acoustic guitar riff and smooth beats give way to Lainey's sweet, rich vocals.

The track cascades into a lush beat that is spiced up with several enchanting timbral layers. Her unique vocals blend seamlessly with the instrumentals, making this song a tune you don't want to miss out on!

A tale of a decayed relationship deconstructed, Cumbria offers a glimpse into the last days of a dying love affair. Where one partner is willing to let go and move on while the other is not. Where one person walks willingly into a future with a different person while the other dies from the impending loss.

10. Sleeping Dogs Lie

"Sleeping Dogs Lie" is an upbeat song that combines electronic beats and fast-paced instruments with smooth vocals.

The track immediately grabs the audience with a short pause and upbeat tempo, laying down a powerful introduction before returning to the main theme.

The lyrics and melodies both captivate and excite the senses, while the instrumentals keep beats high and heartbeats quickening.

"Sleeping Dogs Lie" is an inspirational song that tells the story of moving on after a relationship has headed for the rocks. It also talks about making amends with the decisions that people make, realizing they aren't always bad, but it's how you react to them. It's about moving on to find better!

11. Senti(mental)

“Senti(mental)” pulls you into a piano-inspired jam that sets off with smooth deep vocals. It’s charted with solid chord progressions, no double notes, and easy key changes.

Her voice is powerful and emotional, overshadowing the piano melody. This song is true for the soul, and you can hang onto every lyric.

Lainey's sultry deep tones capture your attention and paint a vivid scene of romance on the canvas of your mind. The lyrics are an absolute feast for your ears, as they passionately bridge stories of love and friendship with ears to hear it.

This piano-driven song is all about feeling desperate and feeling out of control, but taking that feeling and making it into something positive for the best possible outcome.

12. I Love You To Death

The song "I Love You To Death" will capture your heart within moments of playing it. The beats inspired with intoxicating vocals make this a song with a hook.

The beat and tempo of this song are similar to a pop ballad, but with a rock-star flare. It's up-tempo and fun and will motivate you no matter your current mood. The lyrics are sweet and poetic and the singer has a voice that's pure sweetness.

Lainey Dionne's "I Love You to Death" has a simple truth at its core: the lengths we go for love. It's an empowering song with the theme of dedicating oneself to someone completely.

It's also lyrically liberating as it focuses on telling someone exactly how you feel.

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