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How this musical duo Genevva balance each other!

You are a dope duo! How did this duo form?

Jenni: Thanks! I met Aaron when I moved to Louisville, KY and I saw his band Dr. Vitamin play. I went up to him after the show and asked if we could meet up sometime and I could show him some of the songs I'd been working on. He said "sure!" and pretty much immediately I started playing with Dr. Vitamin.

Aaron: Yeah, I remember Jenni played me three of her songs and I immediately knew I wanted her to join the band.

Is it easier or harder working with someone?

Jenni: Definitely easier, as long as you find the right person. I love working as a duo. We know each other so well at this point that we're very much always on the same page. I can't imagine trying to make music as a solo artist. I really respect the people that go that road. I know how hard it can be in this industry and I can't imagine doing it alone. I feel like Aaron and I were destined to meet each other because we're strong in different areas - we really balance each other out. I like to write songs and he likes to fill them out, write parts and produce them. We've found a rhythm now where we can work pretty productively. And of course, when you work with someone else, you help pick each other up when life gets hard.

Recording anything right now?

We have our debut record, Slip Away, coming out July 9th and we can't wait!

What should new fans be streaming of your music?

Our latest song we just released is "Outside of Cleveland" and we'll have a new music video out for that one soon. Aaron and I have been having a lot of fun making music videos for these songs.

How can they keep track of all you're doing?!

We are on instagram, tiktok, twitter and facebook as @genevvamusic and all the links are below!

Spotify: Apple music: Genevva's YouTube here:

What's next?

After we release this upcoming record, we are going to be touring and in the off-time working on our next record, which we are writing now.

Thank you for this interview Genevva!

Thanks for having us!

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