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The rad band Gentry Blue talks soon to be debut EP!

What inspires your latest work?

Rock influences from across the board-- Rush, Janis Joplin, Pearl Jam, and Paramore! Sounds like space/psychedelic rock to "violin ren-faire tavern rock" have absolutely been fused into our collection of songs this time around.

Who pushes you to keep going?

One thing that keeps us going is creating music that we love to listen to ourselves, as well as the joy of seeing our work out there in the world keeps all of us motivated. We all keep each other going, too! Waiting for the next time we can have a live audience at a show is very exciting.

With everything happening in the world, how do you want to contribute in a positive way with your work?

We really want to make someone's day and inspire them! Entertainment and music are great escapes. We don't want to be super negative, especially with today's circumstances.

What are your goals that you've set for yourself this year?

We're excited that releasing our debut EP is one, and we're so happy to achieve that! The other big goal is to write more songs and to maybe even do mini-tours once the pandemic is over; both of those have been lacking, for sure.

How do we keep up to date and follow your rad journey?

Follow us (search Gentry Blue) on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube! You can listen to our music on your favorite online listening platform.

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