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Thank you for the new music Brittany! Please drop the link to the new music here:

What is the importance of lyrical value?

I love pouring over lyrics when I am listening to a song! There's so much depth in reading the lyrics written as you might pick up on spellings or delivery that change the whole meaning of the line! Those types of ideas and lyrical concepts are fun to play with!

And how would you say you value lyrics in your music?

Lyrics are a huge part of music for me as a listener and writer. I don't like lazy lyrics unless it is intentional and purposeful for the feeling you are trying to convey. When you find a lyric that just hits, you know someone else will feel that too. It's a way of connecting with the listener in a way that can only be done through lyrics.

Have you made any transitions in the way you write your music?

Yes I play with different concepts and ideas frequently, it helps to keep me inspired! If I write too much the same way I get bored so I have to constantly change it up and try new things which usually leads to some very interesting musical ideas!

Who or what inspired you to write this music?

Life, friends, family, situations, emotions, thought processes, everything can and is an inspiration to create! In my previous band "The Stress Vine" I wrote a song about feeling stuck and wanting so badly to break down the walls that confined me from creating and playing music. That song was inspired by a painting hanging in my studio, it was thoughtfully titled "Window Pain".

Do you think it’s important to change the way you write or the way you think about writing as you grow in your career?

Definitely! I would go crazy doing the same thing the same way my whole life! I love seeing how other artists grow and change their styles and visions for their art and that inspires me to keep growing in new ways too!

Who championed your writing sessions to keep you inspired?

I write by myself mostly, but I've co-written plenty of songs. If I get stuck in a writing session I usually start playing random riffs on my guitar and it turns into a jam session or I/we go take a walk and get some fresh air! Usually when I or we (if I'm co-writing) return there's a flood of new ideas to run with!

How are you championing yourself as you release the new music?

I. Get. HYPE. Once I have the final recordings it is so hard to keep them to myself until release day! My fans are very involved in my music! They support my music from start to finish and I share all the behind the scenes adventures with them which gets us all stoked!

Socials please and thank YOU!

"Brittany Sword is an Alternative Pop/Rock Singer-songwriter based in Iowa. As a solo artist starting out in 2019 she began writing songs with a full band in mind. By 2021 she brought in drummer Daniel Thatcher, to record her debut 5 song EP “COLORS” which was released on 4.29.22. Her lyrics are relatable and the music moves with a funk rock type of rhythm. She has always rocked to the beat of her own drum and she’s not changing for anyone.

Brittany is touring the Midwest, USA and she is currently crowdfunding for the recording of her newest single “Johnny” which is set to release in 2023. Brittany is also writing music for her first full length album."

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