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Camille Rose outlines what her upcoming single 'Cruise' is all about!

We LOVE your single Reputation!! Do you want to talk about that single and what the release was like?

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun with creating Reputation, it was a process that was less conventional than how I usually write songs. I had a lot of half-baked, half-written hooks and random verses but no finite song idea. I knew I wanted to write a song about temptation from the perspective of that little devil on your shoulder. My good friend and fellow musician, Christopher Kenji, showed me this amazing track he produced and we set up a session together. I wrote the lyrics by fitting all of my ideas together while staying true to a storyline, and the song was written in 5 minutes! We recorded for 12 straight hours in my childhood bedroom and that was how Reputation came to be!

And congratulations on your upcoming single Cruise! Why did you pick that name for the single?

Thank you, I’m very excited for this one! The overall mood of Cruise is very different from anything I’ve ever released, but it’s within a genre I can really relate to. Cruise can be described as a sultry, sexy jazz ballad. The storyline of this song is real and a true story, as most of my songs are, personally that makes it more authentic for me when emoting in a recording session. Cruise is the song for people who have that certain someone who slipped away, but know they’re bound to come back. It outlines intimacy, honesty, but can also read in a sinister tone. The title is named after the hook in the chorus of the song, and is inspired by the name of the person I wrote the song about.

Does it ever get stressful when you have to come up with a title?

I’ve never personally experienced stress when coming up with a song title, I usually find it best to name the song after the most repetitive line of the song (usually the hook). There have been times where I’ve been tempted to name a song an alternative title, just to add a hint to the listener so they can get a better understanding of the storyline. But, when people hear your music in passing and want to look up the title purely based on what they hear audibly, they’re most likely to search for the name of the chorus.

What was challenging about the single?

The most challenging thing about Cruise was creating a storyline that was authentic, but still relatable from a listener’s perspective. My lyrics are always very personal and as real as possible. However, if I’m too specific when writing a song, I run the risk of alienating listeners from being able to relate. Relatability is the first thing I look for as a listener when I enjoy other people’s music, so it’s important that my listeners feel included too.

What kind of journey did you want to take your fans on when they listened to the music?

There are a lot of recurring themes within Cruise, lyrics about eyes and what both sides may see. I want listeners to really be able to feel my certainty that this person will come back to me, but also hear the betrayal I felt when he left. I intend for the song to make the listener feel very anticipatory, as the verses are so clear with their message but the choruses are so free flowing. I hope the listener questions the position of power, who holds it? Is it within the person who left, or is it within the person that’s so certain of their return.

What can you not wait for about Cruise!

I’m really excited for listeners to hear this side of my voice and lyricism, as I hardly ever sing from such a vulnerable place. But, most importantly, I’m honored to share that Cruise will be included in a short film titled Nightmare in Negligee. The script is absolutely brilliant, and the entire project is created by California Institute of the Arts students. I love collaborating with other artists, especially those who are my age and living in the same area as I am.

Favorite reaction so far to the single from those who have heard it?

My family and friends have been very supportive of this single and I’ve heard a lot of amazing feedback relating to the motif-ridden lyrics and inclusion of new vocal techniques, but my favorite reaction is about what listeners feel. My two favorite responses in particular were that the song made one listener feel like a “Disney villain” and this was their theme song. Another great compliment was a recurring comment on how Cruise sounds like a James Bond song!

How does everyone go to listen when it's out?

Cruise will be available on all major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, Tidal, and more. I have a pre-save link in my Instagram bio and I will have a live version of the song posted on my YouTube in the near future!

Drop a hint of a surprise you have in store next!

After Cruise is released, I have another single coming in the new year! This song is another look at a separate musical influence, very different from anything I’ve released so far.




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