Photography: @reinhardtkenneth

Hair & Make Up: @carisadoesitall

Lighting Director: @really_rielle

Photographer’s Assistants:,@kingeraldvisuals,@_leahgarcia

Give us the links to your IG/ TikTok and share your fave videos with us!

How are you using social media daily?

I tend to approach social media in the same way I think about recording videos at a concert. There are moments I want to capture because I want to share them with our fans online in the future but I don’t like to let it get in the way of being present in the moment. Kind of like, shoot it now while it’s happening but don't think about it and sift through things later to share the journey with our fans.

Is there a way you most like to interact with your fans on social media?

My favorite moments are getting to share new music with everyone.

Who are you inspired by on social media?

People who are authentically themselves. As a musician, social media can be very humbling haha. Every other video is some sort of incredible talent oftentimes. It’s a good motivator to get in the woodshed for an instrumentalist.

Do you look to social media when you're looking for new material for music?

To be honest not really. I tend to create best when I'm disconnected from the internet and can just focus on the music without thinking of the end product or in this case the “space” that the music will be shared.

Who do you turn to when you have a few ideas for a new song?

My band, Zach Grindle (Drums) and Zach Cox (bass) are my go to’s with new ideas. We have a great chemistry and the ideas that are worth something usually grow naturally once we get in the room together. I also have a circle of friends and trusted fellow artists, some of whom I reach out to via social media, to get feedback. It’s hard to hurt my feelings so I’m always asking for them to shoot me straight haha.

Is it hard to change the tune of a song you feel really strongly about if there are conflicting views on how it should be done?

I’m a fan of the approach that if there’s an idea in the room it’s better to (swiftly) try it once and move on rather than a round table about whether something is worth trying at all. If it’s the better idea, it’s usually evident. The idea being that if you have a team you trust and enjoy collaborating with, it’s likely the ideas are worth a try even if you can’t see it yourself. In fact that sometimes can be one of the most exciting parts about collaborating with anyone in the music making process or any process for that matter; when an idea you hadn’t even considered makes the song that much “better”. It goes along with the mantra “drop your ego at the door when making art”.

What song of yours is really close to your heart right now that fans should put on their playlist next?

You’re one of the first to ask me that since finishing our new record and it’s a tough choice to be honest haha. It wasn't until after I finished penning this record that I realized the songs on a whole were a new kind of honest for me.

I think “Here I Go Again” is probably the closest to my heart due to the meaning behind the song. In short the idea is searching for the reason you find yourself making the same mistakes over again. “Another door I’ve walked out before, Just a different frame” with the chorus tagline “What Blues are eatin’ you?” The message summed up the period in my life I wrote the song and it still puts me somewhere when getting to perform it live.

That song comes out June 3rd on the live record, 'Live in Texas'.

Anywhere that fans can listen to you LIVE?

Yes! We’re kicking off our summer tour in Houston June 3rd and will be joining The Blue Stones and Des Rocs on their US Summer Tour - tickets and info are on our site.

Can you give us some insider info on what to look out for next with your music?

My new live album “Live in Texas” drops June 3rd everywhere and will be accompanied by live video footage from the concert we captured the album at in January in Houston, Texas. As far as insider info, fans can also look out for a new single that will be in the upcoming feature film, The Man in the White Van.

See y'all at the rock show!