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We just can't wait any longer to share this amazing interview with musical talent Water Tower about social media, the keys to it and being daring in not only their professional life but personal too!

Hi Water Tower! Your music is sick! We checked out your Youtube and you have some fun live videos on there! How did you come up with the idea?!

YAY! Thank you. It means the world to us that you enjoy the music. The idea for live-streaming so much, or as we call it, life-casting #watertowerlife, came from the pandemic. We had been performing on the street for many years, and once we were forced to move inside in March, it was only natural to continue busking online. The exciting thing about social media is that it is constantly optimizing. For a musician this is rad because we have more power and control to shape our own destinies than we have EVER had before. We are now able to do things for FREE that record labels have been doing for years. The power has been given back to the artist. This is a double edged sword though because it is easy to get swallowed up in the never-ending scroll hustle. The key is meditation, breathing, and measured tactics to leverage the interconnectedness of the species through social media. I honestly didn't mean to get so heavy there... What makes you proud when it comes to how you've grown as an artist? I am the most proud of having learned how to have stopped using drugs and alcohol. I used to think that I wouldn't be able to walk, let alone create or play music without substances guiding my every move. It turns out that it is music itself that guides my every move. Have you always been a daring artist or do you ever feel self conscious about your work?

Ha! I am honored to be called a daring artist first of all. Second of all, yes there were times when I was self-conscious about my work. Sometimes I still feel moments of uncertainty, but I have understanding that I previously lacked. Or as the old song says, "I wish that I knew what I know now when I was younger". Basically I realized that I am of infinite worth as a human being, just like you are, just like everyone is, and that no amount of worth is derived from anything other people say about my art. If someone enjoys our music, I am grateful, but I strive to make sure it doesn't inflate my ego. I make sure not to take something good that someone says personal, just like I make sure not to take something bad personally. I am grateful for absolutely ANYONE who feels moved enough by my work to consult their inner judge and formulate an opinion! That takes a lot of energy. I realize that if people want to existentially connect to my art, then there is a purpose greater than myself for making it. Therefore I also realize that the art is not for me, but it is for us, I just happen to be channeling it. So that detaches me from the process and the art that I create. I am simply a vessel for the expression of this stuff, and it doesn't have much to do with me other than it tells a bit about my experience as a human on earth. As long as it is healing some people, it is a win.

Has social media been a big part of your career always? No. No. BIG NO. I was hoping for years that social media would die and go away. There are years of gaps on our accounts where we did not post. I was hoping that we could "beat the system". I really was against social media in every way. I thought it was contributing to the downfall of the species as well as my own personal happiness. While in some ways I still think it is contributing to negative aspects of society, it is ALSO contributing to huge movements of positive change. And whether or not using social media affects my personal well-being for the better or for the worse depends on how I consume and interact with it. The key for me is that I consume content for fixed periods in the day, and most the other time is creating content. Five minutes here, five minutes there, and my concern is always around creating meaning. As long as I spend my time on social media creating meaning for specified short bursts of time, I feel fulfilled. The rest of the time I am strictly dedicated to creating meaning through original content, which means posting content across numerous platforms, all chopped up differently with a message of love, hope, or inspiration. I changed the way I was thinking by 180 degrees. It is two sides of the exact same coin. I realized that if we could harness the power of social media, we could spread the music to more people. period. For me as an artist, that is something that excites me and helps me continue on my journey, so essentially there was no other option but to fully embrace social media. I sure am grateful that I have embraced social media because in the last 10 months of studying/learning and ultimately applying the techniques that people like Indepreneur or Russell Brunson teach, we have been able to more than quadruple our presence. More exposure in 10 months that we had received in 15 years of being a band using the road/radio/newspapers to break through. Love your energy! Thank you for letting us in your musical world! Tell our readers how they can keep up with all things Water Tower?!

Awwwwww thank you! Love YOUR energy! Also, be sure and look out for the brand new single by 182 Water (my rapper alter-ego) & Dre Drinkard "COVID ISLAND" Here is the Pre- Save :

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