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Statik G is an American musician as well as an entrepreneur who has over the years redefined himself as one of the most ingenious and strong-willed people of the music industry.

What has been the driving force of your career in this upcoming New Year?

I’m loving that I finally get to focus on music for the first time in my career. Sounds crazy.. but right when I started taking mine seriously, the wind hit sails and I had to keep up with merchandise, booking, touring, and marketing. Then all these artists wanted me to do the same thing for them, it’s been a long ride trying to help everyone all the time and keep the business alive. But after Gene Therapy released, I promised to begin focusing on the music first.. and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Are you planning to do anything BIG next year for your career?

I’ve taken a little break from touring and promoting myself to focus on my spiritual healing journey. Which in turn served the development of my music! So I think the first thing I will do is drop my next big EP, Empathy. Then I will focus on hitting the road and getting on tour again as well as hitting more festivals, like SXSW! Also got a big feature with my homie Project Pat that I’m looking forward to dropping. Got much more in the works as well, we’re always busy. What adjustments have to be made in order to get to that goal?

I’ve got to increase revenue, build my numbers, draw up a budget and rebuild my team with transparent folks who do good business. Focus is also to protect not only my music and my family, but my energy and my brands. I’ve allowed a lot of hate and slander to cross my name without speaking back out for the sake of my inner peace. But I think now is the best time to kill them with kindness and let my success be my revenge.

What personal goal have you set for yourself that you'd like others to think about too?

As an artist it’s to create and be true to myself, one with my listener. As an entrepreneur it’s to maintain hope and always grind when I have the time and energy. Outside of being an artist and entrepreneur I think everyone should try these things for 6 months and see if they feel better mentally and physically: Get sober, work out regularly, study scripture, be with family and friends, work hard and not focus so much on partying, meaningless sex, games and television. Hearing me say that now cracks me up if you know what I came from, but unlocking the mind, body and soul is truly the key to being happy. For me at least. Making more moves in this New Year can be really exciting, is there anything that you are nervous about when it comes to your career? How do you get over those nerves and go for what YOU want?

In the past I’d just drink until I stopped caring but lately I’ve had to learn to face my fears head on with a clear mind. I’m nervous to relearn how to perform sober, but I’m excited to switch my energy up with Empathy EP, so it evens out. What chances are you taking in 2023 when it comes to collaboration? I’ll be working with Project Pat on a song / music video but honestly I’m leaving the slate completely open. Wherever the wind takes me. Name the word of the year for 2023? Flow. Go with it. Setting intentions is so important especially when accomplishing your goals! How do you make sure to keep that heart and drive you have for yourself? Keeping focus with pure intentions for all is really the way to be in all situations. So I carry myself with an attitude of gratitude and thank God for the lessons and the blessings. What is happening NEXT for you? There’s so many doors open and with my experience, new teams and what I know now, I’m just excited to see what can happen. I want to sell out stadiums worldwide and change lives across the world. I’d love to be a positive example for success for all men and women, kids and parents, artists and entrepreneurs who see obstacles and doubt they can achieve. I’d like to be living proof that you can achieve anything you want, because if you can get through the hard part, you’ll get to the good part. Social media for ALL your new fans? Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day! HTTPS:// @statikgshit IG

@statikgesus Twitter

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