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Hannah Hampton talks about her single 'Done'!

Hi Hannah! We love, love your song 'Done'! You are super talented! Talk to us about that debut release?

Thank you so much! Well, it's a song I wrote with one of my friends and one of those songs that we wrote in about an hour. It's just a song where you're pretty much at the end of your rope with someone and you've gone as far as you can go with them and now you have to do what's best for you and that's moving on. It's a sad reality of when a relationship doesn't work out but it's also a moment where you're bettering yourself by not settling for less than what you deserve.

Any new music in the works right now?

I'm about to start recording some new songs that I will release next year but I'm always trying to write as much new music as possible.

Any collabs happening?

None so far, but I'm always down to change that!

Dream collaborations!!

Celine Dion and LeAnn Rimes are my two biggest influences but I'd love to collab with Caleb Followill of Kings of Leon, Miguel, Tori Kelly and Don Henley just to name a few :)

A dream come true that you're working towards this year?

Playing more shows and releasing new music!

How do you want to end this year music wise?

I want to have everything lined up for releasing new music next year and writing as much as possible.

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