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We would love to scream sing, "Edge of Seventeen" with you on your next road trip, Mark!!!

Hi Mark! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us!

Thank you so much for having me! I’m excited to chat.

What is your biggest day to day challenge? Honestly, I really struggle with organization. I’m an extremely impulse oriented person. I tend to do or work on whatever is directly in front of me at any given moment. Unfortunately, when I have a lot of things on my plate I tend to get overwhelmed and I have an extremely hard time getting everything done in a timely way. I often forget about things I have on my to-do list because new stuff is coming in all the time! Just ask my manager! It takes me AGES to respond to their emails! How often do you set goals for yourself? I usually have a few goals I’m working on at any given time. Now I’m trying to complete them! What role does music play in culture? Music is the single most unifying force on this planet. I’m absolutely convinced of that. Music crosses borders, language barriers, religious beliefs. I think if we can continue to harness the unifying power of music we can have a big impact on the world! You are going on a road trip, what song has to be on your playlist? "Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks. Best driving song! Best screaming at the top of your lungs song. Best song period!

When do you feel most creative? Ironically I tend to feel the most inspired when I’m driving alone and can’t do anything about it! I write a lot of songs (or pieces of songs) in my car. I wish I could capture that same magic when I was in a place to actually do something about it! If you had your own talk show, who would your first 3 guests be? Stevie Nicks, Angelina Jolie, Nico Tortorello Please tell our readers how they can stay up to date with you!

Instagram is the best way! @markandthetiger You can also check out my website for all things tiger! Thank you for your time!

Thank you so much!

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