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Indré shares what's next!

How did your band name come about?

Our band name Indre is mine and my brother’s last name! I started as a solo artist, and I was just going by my last name. When the band formed, it made sense to just keep it that way because my brother was on board!

What are you planning to do next in your career?

This year is a big year for releases. We are so excited to share the new music. That’s definitely the immediate thing on our minds. However, we really want to tour in the fall!

Any touring?

We’ve got a tour in the works. :)


East Coast!

How can new fans follow you?

New fans can join the Band Fam on any of our social media platforms! Here is our linktree!

What is the music they should be streaming of your right now?!

We have music out right now on any streaming service! The first album Serenity as well as a couple singles are out! However, you should totally pre-save our first single from album #2, “The Stream” right here!

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