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Celebrating 'Body of Water' with Dear Genre!

You did it! And Body of Water is HERE! Love the new music! How are you celebrating?

Thank you! It's been a really busy day as expected. I probably won't be celebrating tonight although I'd like that! I anticipate putting a solid weekend's work into getting it out to the necessary parties and extending the song's initial reach a little more before I kick back. What is something you have to push yourself to do when making new music? Something I have to push myself to do when making new music is to slow down in the studio! I've missed countless opportunities to make tracks in the past really shine and come to life because I was rushing through the production process. The upside of having outside producers has been that they've always pushed me that extra mile for the best possible performance and that's really come to show in the end results of those recordings. What is something that comes effortlessly when making new music? I feel repetitive and a bit like I'm bragging on myself when I say that I've never put too much thought into coming up with fully formed compositions. Ideas always seem to present themselves just when I feel like playing some music feels nice. Do you specifically concentrate on something more than the other when you release a single? When considering songs to be released as singles, I'm listening for "earworms." Those are the songs that crawl into my brain and get stuck between listens 1-3. FAVE part of Body of Water? My favorite part of "Body of Water" is the drum track. The song was recorded at Kalinga Productions in Maplewood, MO where we set up the kit in their main live room which is quite a large space. I wanted the drums to flow back and forth between rhythms you might hear in Foo Fighters and ABBA songs. What has the fan reaction been like? It's been 99% positive feedback & 10-10 reactions so far. I do however need those less than positive reactions & never wish to shy away from a conversation as to why it wasn't someone's cup of tea. How do we continue to support you?

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