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Jacob Giaimo Releases 'Sun Support'!

The song 'Sun Support' is a soft guitar inspired melody that has hearts, kicks, and natural sounds. It starts slowly and gradually progresses to a steady crescendo with the drums, whistles, bass, and other melodic content.

The song 'Sun Support' is musical and with storytelling style. It's a textually based narration by Jacob Giaimo that the sun supports the earth. It's an attempt to express the stillness, futility and ravage of life in the city. This music is for those who love to stray, offbeat, brave, desperate and love to live life on its terms.

There's a lot of syncopation in this song that keeps you on your toes. The percussion is loud and present but also softens as it gets lighter.

Find 'Sun Support' on streaming services and keep up with Jacob here!

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