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We are loving Jeiris Cooks latest single, Date Night and can't wait for his next single!

What new music do you have cooking up right now?

Right now I am working on a new song entitled "Drunk". The song is basically about a night of drinking and the hangover afterward. Actually it was the first time I overindulged so it was pretty impactful for me. I had work the next day and was so out of it, I couldn't dress myself. I know it's an experience that lots of folks can relate to, whether they want to admit it or not. I plan on releasing that song sometime next month (October 2021). Stay tuned, it's a fun tune.

What's a trend in your latest music that you're applying?

I would say the trend I've been trying lately is layering my vocals. I love how background vocals can be their own entity in a song, especially if there are lots of moving parts. I've also been working on some lead guitar riffs here and there as well. Playing lead guitar is something I've been working on improving and sometimes it works in a song. And of course I am always experimenting with different sounds and instruments beyond that. Making music is one giant experiment after all.

A trend in music you don't want to hear anymore?

I'm not a huge fan of auto-tune. I think it's way overdone and gives anyone who uses it a homogenous sound. For me, the point of making music is to bring a little something different to the table and it's getting more difficult to pinpoint that. I guess the other trend I'm exhausted of sort of points to the music industry as a whole. I wish there were more national platforms for indie acts. I stopped listening to the radio on a regular basis years ago because you hear the same 10 songs on repeat all day. And that definitely does a disservice to music lovers and artists as well.

Any music mishaps that you learned from?

Yes......don't release music just for the sake of it. The industry as a whole is moving to a "single release" model instead of albums which puts pressure on artists to keep making music. And sometimes the result can be songs that you're not 100% confident in. This was definitely the case for me and every time I heard the song I would cringe. If you don't believe in it, how do you get someone else to?

What is inspiring you to make new music?

This constantly changes really, but right now that would be listening to other artists. Right now I'm listening to BJ The Chicago Kid', Yebba, D'Angelo & Allen Stone. Sometimes listening to others can draw out inspiration or make you think about something in a way you never had before. Local musicians in my area are also a huge inspiration. I also try to step outside of the RnB genre and listen to everything since I've had inspiration come from everywhere.

What's your process for this?

Once I've been hit by the creative bug, I typically start with chords or riffs on an acoustic guitar (which is where most of my songs are born). From there, I'll play until I find a melody I like and usually this is just humming nonsense words. It's really all about the melody so lyrics aren't important for me at this point. From there, it's a combination of jotting down words or phrases I like and plugging them into the melody I created. Of course it's never this neat and tidy. Writing for me is a messy and sometimes frustrating process because I second guess myself a lot. It's a work in progress though, just like my processes.

How excited are you to have new music out?

It's always an awesome feeling to have new music out! It can sometimes alway be a bit scary because my music is an extension of me. And sometimes I have to remind myself that my music, just like my personality, isn't for everyone. But usually the best part is the feedback I get from folks listening. Honestly all the people who've been supporting me have been fantastic. None of this would be possible without them.

Favorite fan moment from your latest single 'Date Night'?

My Favorite fan moment happened on Instagram. I posted a clip of the song and one person called it a "grown and sexy vibe" which is what I was going for. It really was the best kind of compliment.

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