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Austin, Texas native singer/songwriter Jo James is set to release his new single “Street Lights” on July 9th, 2021. Jo’s retro style uses elements of Blues, Neo Soul, R&B and Funk in his music, delivering soulful vocals with smooth grooves. He won the honor award at the 100% Music Songwriting Contest and was nominated for the “Soul of Austin” award at the Austin Armadillo Awards. Jo was also a contestant on Season 17 of The Voice earning high praise from the great John Legend, “He has great raw talent and his voice is lovely to listen to.”

“Street Lights” is such a groovy track with a soul and funk edge to it. You can definitely hear Jo James’ different musical influences in this song. The guitar riffs and bass lines are so funky, his lyrics are blues inspired and there is the use of the slide guitar interwoven throughout the track that provides a hint of the blues. Jo James’ vocals are very R&B, they are so soulful and powerful. I love his flow and the execution of his vocals. “Street Lights” does such a great job in highlighting Jo James’ talent as a singer. Overall it’s a great track, it gets the listener grooving to the music, the instrumentals are perfect, and the vocals and lyrics speak to the soul!

You will be able to stream “Street Lights” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Jo James on Instagram and Facebook.

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