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Joey's New Documentary and Music!

Hi Joey! Thank you for chatting with me today! Glad to be here!

What have you been working on lately? Anything you want us to know about. Well, after a long COVID19 hiatus we are getting started performing again! I am very excited to be getting back on the road performing and we are starting to line up some shows. I am pleased to announce that one of the first shows will be with my friends at Sweetwater in Fort Wayne ,Indiana on 8/26 for their Live at Lunch series at noon ! I also have a new album coming out mid-August and I am excited about that. This record, called “One Song at A Time”, features some music co-written by my friends Rob Fenimore and Henry Oliner along with my dear friend Charlie Hoskyns of the UK band the Popes, which was a spin off band from the group The Pogues. Charlie passed back in 2017 and I am always honored and excited anytime I get to share my memories of Charlie and the music we made together.

What is a song you wish you could have written? Oh, so many great ones I wish I had thought of! I would say one song that feels like something I might have done would be from the Finn Brothers called “Four Seasons in One Day”

What would be a dream career achievement for you? I have a head full of dreams, but I have always wanted to perform at The Space Needle or Carnegie Hall.

Ok, you are about to release a documentary! Tell us a bit about that! Yes, a friend of mine Courtney Adkisson just graduated from SCAD with a master’s degree in film. For her master’s project, she wanted to do a documentary about my life in music and as a blind brain tumor survivor. The film, “Don’t Blink” is a good slice of my life and covers a lot of ground in just 15 minutes. Obviously, there is a lot more to the story, but this is an amazing first look at the Stuckey-Verse LOL. I am so grateful for this documentary and to all the people involved!

When is it set to release and where can we watch it? SCAD liked the film so much that they have entered the film in several film festivals and we have done the same. About 20 film festivals in all for 2021 and 2022 and currently, you can check it out on my you tube channel--- and on my website at Link to Trailer Link To Full Documentary

Please let everyone know where to find all your work! Website Studio YouTube Twitter IG FB Newsletter Bandsintown Merch Fan Zone Spotify for JS3 iTunes for JS3 Sun Sessions

Thank you! Thank you!

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