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Jordan Massey is here and he is chatting with us about his new video release "3 AM", how releasing his EP "Human" and "Heartless differed and feeling excited about his debut album!

Jordan! Congratulations on the new music video "3 AM" we love the song and production! What was the process like getting this project done?

Thank you so much! It was very fun planning this video especially around the holidays, I wanted something that was heartfelt and real and that’s what we created together partnering with “MediabyMarvin” who also shot the video for “Heartless” as well! We worked together so well and every time we collaborated, each visual became bigger than planned and I couldn’t be more proud of each production!

How much time do you give yourself in between releasing projects?

I usually plan to space each project out, it’s still incredible to me how it took 1-2 years to complete my first EP “Human” and “Heartless” took me 4 months. It was like my first body of work was just everywhere and my second I knew from the start what sound I wanted , theme of era, and more. It really just showed me how much I’ve evolved in so little time and how excited I am to work on my debut album.

Do you feel challenged, inspired or both when you get any critique on your work? It depends on who it is honestly, sometimes I ask around to those with the same work ethic, creative mindset, and hardcore music lovers about their opinions on certain things about my music and It’s weird it’s like I’m listening to hear something I know already and just need a second opinion. Otherwise it’s noise in the background for me, I feel like I was challenged before many of times and came back with a banger that dropped many jaws, and then there were times I really took in advice from those I truly respected and knew it was genuine and that it could help me as an artist and creative.

What's the first thing you think about when it comes to your music?

The first thing that comes to mind usually is what's something I haven’t done that I want to or what’s something I’ve done and want to experience more of. Like for example, I’ve always wanted to do Latin music and when me and Emi blondell did “La Tentacion” I instantly wanted to do more!!

We are stoked about "3 AM" where can our audience watch it and follow YOU because you're rad! Thank you so much the official video is now available on

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