Danny Hughes (DCPA) is recording and putting out music with more energy than ever!

Talk to us about your latest single!

Keep Your Eyes Closed’ launched a couple of months ago, with a music video just releasing on December 3rd! The original song is meant to be brief and energetic, with simple lyrics, but provide a deeper existential journey. It is a reminder that adversity and conflict can be overcome with patience, positive energy and a fighting spirit. In the background, I used various rain and thunderstorm sounds to create an organic canvas for the track. The music video is a compilation of clips that directly or metaphorically relate to the track.

Why did you pick that name for the single?

I’d had the recorded vocals from Marcia (MISHA) Sondeijker for almost a year before I really started to build a production around it. ‘Keep Your Eyes Closed’ seemed to be the best fitting name, as it is the definitive hookline of the track. I felt that the title would stand out in a track list, intriguing more listeners. In addition, when you ‘Keep Your Eyes Closed’, you heighten your sense of sound. I try to be metaphorical when defining elements of my music.

Does it ever get stressful when you have to come up with a title?

I previously would reach the end of producing a track before finalizing a title, but it did get stressful if I waited too long. Before you know it, the track is done but completely lacks a catchy name and artwork. Those two elements are almost as important as the song itself, because your audience will most likely see the album cover before they ever hear the music. Picking a title early on in the production process can help me focus on key elements of the track. I’ve learned a good bit about songwriting when working with such great vocalists, and they always either come up with a title already or can help me pick a great one.

What was challenging about the single?

I spent the most amount of time developing a song structure that was intricate, but not confusing. There’s a lot of simultaneous emotions going on that must be resolved within the melody. Given the vocal structure, I felt it was important to channel these different energies through the instrumental. I get mentally attached when writing musical patterns, usually ending up with too much going on and then meticulously picking apart the unnecessary stuff along the way.

What kind of journey do you want to take your fans on when they listen to the song?

The first half starts off with a yearning melody, paired with the main lyrical hook “Keep Your Eyes Closed”. It implies conflict, and there’s some quick emotional tension built up using the lyrics, right before soft synthesizer solos and stringed instruments add comfort and relief. After that, the build-up and first drop bring a new energy and empower the listener to face this conflict. In the second half of the track, all these elements are rearranged, but with even more energy. There is tension and energy until the end, where a conquering spirit remains.

What can you not wait for about your upcoming music?

I can’t wait to release some cover versions of my favorite tracks growing up. I want fans to look forward to my spin on the 80's, 90’s and 00’s in 2022. There’s some electro punk, nu disco, and progressive house in the mix!

Favorite reaction so far to the single from those who have heard it?

‘Keep Your Eyes Closed’ reached #3 in Electronic and #40 Overall on the iTunes Poland charts. That was especially cool to see and reflect on my own visits to that part of Europe. I believe artists get subconsciously inspired to create things sometimes. It’s as if a vibe or feeling settles into the track during its production and stems from an experience whether we are thinking about that specific moment or not.

On a more personal level, I was asked for a signed autograph for the first time ever. I mailed that off to my new friend Jason, a guitar player in California. Since we had talked about music on Instagram beforehand, I was able to personalize the message too. That was a very cool experience!

How does everyone go to listen when it's out?

I’m always posting countdowns and links to the music on my social media as reminders, but the best thing you can do is follow DCPA on your go-to music app (links below) and subscribe for notifications on platforms like YouTube and Spotify. Many platforms will email new releases from your following artists and even pre-releases. You can catch “Keep Your Eyes Closed” on music streaming apps as well as watch the new music video on YouTube and Vevo!

Drop a hint of a surprise you have in store next!

Get ready to start 2022 with ‘Iconic Love’ feat. vocals by Marcia (MISHA) Sondeijker!