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The Billboard record setting artist Kim Cameron is here today!

What is giving you the most enjoyment today?

Well, at the moment the sunrise and my latte! In reality, I am very spoiled and blessed to be living on the ocean. I have the pure joy of waking up to the golden rays stretching across the water ripples each and every day. It makes me smile. It gives me inspiration. It makes me whole.

What is the imprint you want to make with your music?

I hope to make people happy and not scared to love and love often. So many times men and women get scared over one bad relationship and they set up blockades to avoid getting that close again. I hope with my songs, they might want to take another chance, again and maybe again.

How much new music is still in the vault?

Oh, most likely a LOT. I never push new songs. They are either ready to release out of one’s soul, or they are just not ready. You have to give it time. Pushing a song creation will just sound, rushed and unfinished.

Can we have any sneak peeks?

One thing I have learned is never showcase any work until you are satisfied that it is done. I can tell you, at the moment, my co-writer and I are writing for a movie (not my movie) which as been a new experience for us. A different kind of challenge. Whenever I take on something brand new, I always learn and grow from that experience. This is no exception.

Any collaborations in the works?

Because the launch of my movie really just began, I have had to scale back for now, but I do have one that I am working on. Looking for that perfect sunrise to give me the inspiration I need.

Anything else our audience should know?

Well, the newest news, I got invited to attend the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes this summer! You are the first to hear!


@kimcameron_sidefx (Instagram). @sidefxband (twitter)

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