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Makes My Blood Dance has released a new music video for their song, “Together Apart”. Mixing together both disco and heavy metal, Makes My Blood Dance has come out with a spunky video to top it all off.

The band is featured playing on stage and in multiple scenes, fostering a true sense of their identity for viewers. The disco influences are reflected throughout the scenes of the production as well. This is shown through the multiple dancers wearing funky and fun costumes as well as through the quirky dance numbers. The disco era has always been notorious for groovy beats and fun dance moves, a characteristic that is greatly emphasized throughout this music video!

There are a variety of retro scenic scenes featured throughout the film as well. The props throughout the video bring you back to 70s glam - with bright colors and eccentric patterns sprinkled throughout each scene.

As the song builds, so do the visuals in the music video. Within this production, we see flashes between group dance routines and the band performing the song on stage under changing light patterns. There is truly so much to take in throughout this video, which intuitively parallels all of the sounds you are taking in as a listener as well. Makes My Blood Dance is definitely a band to pay attention to - for it’s only a matter of time before they release another outstanding track and video!

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