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Elena Korableva on a musical journey.

You are so talented Elena! Can you talk to us about when you decided to go the music path?

I was twelve years old when I knew I was going to be a cellist. I just got accepted to the Specialized Music School under Kazan Conservatory. I was practicing four hours a day and I loved my instrument. The sound of it, the vibrato. It was my way to express myself. I was very shy, still I am but a little less.

You have your first solo album that you're planning to release in December! Congratulations! Is the album still being worked on?

Everything is ready to go, the tracks are mastered, the cover art is ready. Just the final touches.

How did you come up with the title Tatar Songs?

I was born in a beautiful city called Kazan where Tatar people live. While growing up I heard the enchanting Tatar folk songs from my great grandmother. Those are the songs that my compositions are based on so the title came to me naturally. Although I first thought about the title that would include words “home”, “roots” but one morning I woke up and realized “Tatar songs” is the title

What was the most difficult composition?

The most difficult for me was the composition “Alfiya”, because it is named after my great grandmother who I love dearly and miss a lot. It was emotionally very hard.

What is a track you are most excited about?

I am excited for the whole album. It is so hard to pick the favorite one, they are like my children, it is impossible to decide which one I am excited for the most! And they are so different.

Tell us a time where the reaction to your new music left a lasting impression with you?

I played a small house concert, where I performed my compositions alongside J. S. Bach Cello Suites and other classical compositions. Bach is one of my favorite composers. One of my friends came up to me and said that he preferred my music to other selections on the program for its freshness, uniqueness and the voices of legends behind the music. Even though I feel that they were exaggerating, I was very touched and impressed by their comment.

Leave us with a wonderful quote to leave our audience with a lasting impression of YOU!

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken” by Oscar Wilde

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