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With over 100 performances notched throughout the Midwest, dynamic singer-songwriter Matt Fawcett is no stranger to festivals, charity events, churches and even house shows taking place in the living rooms of his biggest fans. His unique blend of country music with a contemporary Christian twist and a speck of bluegrass is influenced by some of the greatest songwriters and performers of our time, including Garth Brooks and Steven Curtis Chapman.

Please describe to our audience how you came about on the music scene and what is the biggest difference between your first piece of music to your latest!

I was just a kid in a small town that wanted to play guitar and sing for people. My first piece of music was an absolutely cringe worthy country song about a red truck. My latest is about being a person who runs towards people’s disasters to help and seeks to leave their own comfort to comfort others. Quite the drastic content change let alone the fact that I actually know what I’m doing now both in playing guitar, piano and singing. All said, the fans that have been with me since the beginning deserve a medal for hearing the early stuff for sure.

What are you doing to push a positive message as the year comes to an end and there is a new beginning coming up with this new year?

I actually created this really cool calendar for my fans that allows us to spend the entire year together in the creation of music. Every month I’m releasing a new song and that month’s picture is the cover art. There is a QR code on each month that goes to a website where calendar holders can listen to each new release a week before the release as well as see videos and get a bunch of other really cool perks like new videos and discounts on merch for the new release. That happens every month of the year next year, so it’s going to be a really fun and impactful year.

Are there any rituals you have developed over the years that are helpful for any upcoming changes happening?

I’m actually building a lot more routine into my life and I’ve noticed how much that has helped me ebb and flow with changes more than in the past. I’ve started getting up a lot earlier and doing more on the personal development side of things to help myself be the kind of person that can help others by authentically being compassionate and caring.

Could you talk about a success that happened this year that you would attribute to all your hard work?

A lot of my success from this past year are things that wouldn’t really make the news but mean the world to me. I’ve been able to write some really amazing songs that will be released in 2023 through the calendar project and I’ve been able to connect with so many more people because of my music than I have before. Being able to have more consistency in my schedule has allowed me to be more connected to people that are “unexpected” connections.

Could you talk about an obstacle that you persevered through?

It’s been really hard to be confident in who I am as a person and what I have to offer the world. Without really realizing it, I was self sabotaging a lot of my success because I saw myself as someone who didn’t deserve it. I’ve always been super grateful for the opportunities that I’ve been given and there have been times that self doubt has kept me from capitalizing on those opportunities. This isn’t something that I’m completely over yet, as with growing, every time you reach a new level of comfort, growth is just outside of that new comfort zone.

How do you think these experiences have helped you shape your career and approach your music?

It’s allowed me to stay grounded and continue to be an authentic human while at the same time realizing that I owe it to my current and future fans to keep growing so that I can serve them better. If I give into my own insecurities there will be people I never have a chance to meet, encourage and influence unless I’m willing to do what is hard and right to get it done.

How do you continue to develop your community of fans over the years?

I have a private Facebook community that I use to connect with my fans on a daily basis as well as my email list that I use to share stories, updates and just genuinely encourage people who trust me with their ears.

Thank you for sharing all your music with us! Can you give us any exclusive on more music coming up?

For sure, it truly is my pleasure, thank you for allowing me to share it. There will be 12 new singles one every month next year with possibly a few surprises sprinkled in. If you want to get the special exclusives be sure to pick up your own 2023 Single Release Calendar on my Website.

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