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Max Muscato has gained an extensive following and has toured and opened for various notorious acts such as: Citizen Cope, Theory of a Deadman, Aaron Carter, Finger Eleven, Eric Gales, Ripe, Blue Star Radiation and more. He is currently working on his next album featuring the singles Valarie and Toxic & Poison and he is HERE to tell us MORE!

Summer is here and we can't wait for all the LIVE music! Are you planning on performing out LIVE anytime soon? Yes, I'm so excited to be performing live again now that music is back. We're currently working on our fall tour! Give us the most EPIC performance story you got! My favorite live performing story was when I opened for Theory of a Deadman and the power went out in front of a sold out crowd. Our mics, guitars, and monitors all went dead. The only sound you could hear was the thunderous drums coming from my father (who is my drummer). What was only 6, maybe 7 seconds felt like an eternity but the crowd LOVED it. My father instinctively kept in time with the song and once the power came back on the entire band fell into the chorus - the crowd erupted. Your music is a VIBE! And we can't wait for MORE! Tell us about your latest release because we can't get ENOUGH!!

Valarie is my latest release and it's just that feel good rock song for the summer. It's for the guys out there that have had that experience where they were star struck by a girl's beauty. Why did you feel like now was the time to release new music?

Now is the time to release new music because it’s time for me to get back to what I love. This is the first song I’ve released since 2017 and I'm very proud of it. How has the release been for you?

The release has been great so far; getting lots of attention and traction. What is the most sentimental response you have gotten from the music?

The most sentimental response I've had is when people come up to me and they say"your music gets me." I think that's the most satisfying thing someone could say to a musician. Are you going to be able to recharge at all this summer or is it just GO TIME!!

It’s go time for myself and my team. We're ready to hit the road and grind to get to that level of selling out arenas! Touring vs. Studio time!? Where is where you feel most at HOME?

Although the studio is where you bring your creation to life, I love touring. There's nothing like being on road, new experiences and connecting with fans. That can sometimes be the best inspiration for new songs. Give us the most rad line from your latest music to explain the piece of work or YOU!

A rad line from my next single Toxic & Poison is:

"And we kiss but there's a twist Like an ancient evil bloodline" Spotify: FB: IG: Youtube: Apple Music: Tiktok: @maxmuscatoooo

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