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Music and Inspiration with Natasha Julian!!

Hello Natasha! Thank you for chatting with me today!

Hi! Glad to be here.

Do you have anything coming up that you want to let our readers know about?

I am in the middle of writing an album. I’m hoping this will be a full length album also! I have no idea when the end date will be, but hopefully by the end of the year.

If you had to describe yourself as an artist in one word what would it be?

One word! Hmmm, Pure. Everything I write is from the heart and has a deep meaning.

What is your favorite thing about being an artist?


Are there any surreal moments that have happened in your career thus far? I grew up in a small town in California, so it I had a lot of surreal moments when I lived in France and was traveling back in forth to England to rehearse or perform with my back up band that played all my original music. I’d pinch myself all the time.

Do you have a piece of advice that you carry with you that you want to share with your fans?

Everyone will always give their advice, and some of it is good and you should take it on board. But in the end, do what works for you. I do a lot of things backwards or the unconventional way but it works for me. I am a delicate being and I’ve found my groove with a lot of trial and error. Now I have a happy spot.

Please let our readers know where they can find you and your music!

You can find me here! Thank you for your time!

Thank You!

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