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my friends call me Mel & 'I GOT IT BAD'

Katy, Texas-raised singer-songwriter Melanie M Scheiber launched her new pop music project my friends call me Mel in April 2021. Releasing new music every few months into 2021 and beyond, mfcmM’s musical approach is inspired by wanting her songs to feel like a friend—music that encourages and empowers, creating a sanctuary of sound for the heavy and light moments of life.

As a child, mfcmM’s love and talent for music came naturally to her—she fondly recalls making up storylines for characters she would draw and giving them each their own theme songs. That creativity and passion garnered mfcmM not only a degree in Songwriting from prestigious Belmont University, but also a wealth of experiences and musical adventures in Music City itself, Nashville, TN.

As a military wife, life has now found mfcmM in the beautiful paradise of O’ahu, Hawai’i. Among the beaches and mountains, she is creating her latest original music. Working with Texas Music producer, Stephen Hall, mfcmM continues to find her greatest inspirations through coming of age stories and the sounds of musicians such as Falcon, Maggie Rogers, Ashe, HAIM, and Ingrid Michaelson—while also admiring artists like Sleeping At Last, Twenty One Pilots, LANY, and Jon Bellion.

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Thank you for taking this interview! While your fans and new fans stream your music and read this interview, tell us the first thing that comes to mind that you're grateful for about your music career!

I’m grateful for how music connects people! Specifically for me, it’s been a joy to hear people who I might’ve never had a chance of knowing or collaborating with finding my music and finding something that feels relatable. Songs tend to take a life of their own and it’s really beautiful to see!

What kind of inspiration influences your music that fans would be surprised by?

One genre influence that has always inspired me in pop punk (shoutout to all my fellow emo kids). I love how emotive it is and it’s SO catchy! They really live in their feelings!! Those songs get stuck in your head for years! The other is singer/songwriter folk music. I love the earnest storytelling and lyrical landscape that folk songs create, alongside an often simple, easy listening melody. It’s the sweet spot for me to pull the energy/vibe from both of these genres.

Who has influenced you in your career?

Every single music opportunity that I've been given has moved me along in my journey, but also the ones that either I said no to or experienced rejection have built me to be a better songwriter and artist. With that, I must give credit to my parents for making space for me to grow in those creative avenues at such an early age with piano/voice lessons, choir camps, and music competition!

Who is your biggest cheerleader in the industry? Why?

My husband and the rest of my family! They have seen me bust my butt to get where I am - they know me and love me in the good times and bad. I always want to make them proud.

Who gives you the most critique? Why?

I have a group of friends that I trust to tell me how it is in a constructive way… it’s so important to have those voices in your life. I can trust them not only because I know they are on my team but they also have a skill set that I deeply value.

Do you often follow your heart or your brain when you have to make decisions in your career?

I’m a heart on your sleeve kind of woman all the way. But I always like to consult people in my life to ground me in those decisions and help me to think with my brain!

Making decisions on how to go about your next project, what do those conversations sound like?

I ask questions to myself about the general energy I want to give to the world and what the world needs. I also ask myself, “what do I need to release?” - as if there is a song eager to get off my chest! Every project is cathartic in some way so that plays a huge part in my releases as well.

Give us a fun fact about 'I GOT IT BAD'!

I wrote this song after hearing the beginning of a dear friend’s love story and it reminded me of how my husband and I met. I got in my feels while he was away (he’s in the army) and wrote this song as a gift to him on our 5th wedding anniversary!

Best advice you've received on making new music?

Value the relationship over the song. Collaboration is a huge part of writing and releasing music. I want the people I work with to know that I care about them and appreciate them.

Give us some advice when it comes to pushing forward in your career?

You have a unique voice and perspective. The more authentic you are, the more people will resonate and you’ll attract authentic people in your corner.

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IG/TikTok: @myfriendscallme.Mel


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