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The Brkn is an alt pop band based out of Denver, CO. They formed in 2019, and since then have released two EP's, two singles, and have done ahandful of touring with an upcoming run through the UK and Europe this fall.

What kind of inspiration influences your music that fans would be surprised by? I don’t know, there are many fans who would be surprised by, I mean to be honest we bring a lot of what we’re into in our music and live shows. But personally for me people always get mind blown when they hear I am actually a huge Garth Brooks and George Strait fan. It’s just a type of music I grew up around and the vibe has never left me. Who has influenced you in your career? A ton of people. Directly it’s been my Mother, Father, Abuelo, Mike Bokenkamp, Mason Maxwell, Lzzy Hale, AJ Perdomo, Matt Kennedy, Josh Withenshaw, basically the whole TDS crew, Michael Wagener, and Marty McCoy. There are so many more. It’s unbelievable how many people you meet in this industry that play a role in getting you to where you are. Who is your biggest cheerleader in the industry? Why? I would say at this moment in time it’s the boys in The Dangerous Summer. They have fought for us to be on their tours and really had faith in us ever since we met. They’ve become family honestly and people we know we can trust with anything. Who gives you the most critique? Why? I’d say the fans/people on social media do to be honest. Mostly people that have never seen the live show before. But I feel like that’s natural. I always think the more hate you get the more you’re doing something right. Do you often follow your heart or your brain when you have to make decisions in your career? It’s tough to try a line between the two most times because my first instinct is alway to go with what my heart tells me. On the other hand, you’ve gotta be smart and make sure the decision you’re making is going to benefit the band and not just be a waste of time and money. Chances are good to take but it’s always important to use logic to make sure you aren’t going to do anything drastic. Making decisions on how to go about your next project, what do those conversations sound like? A lot of the time it’s the band and I sitting in a room discussing what we want to do next. Like for instance right now we’re in the conversation and preparation for recording a new album. Deciding who we want to work with, what sound we want to strive for, and what we want to do differently than last time. We get a budget together and then start making calls to make it happen! Give us a fun fact about your latest music! The most fun fact would probably be that we recorded drums for Not The Same and Coffee in a church gym! Best advice you've received on making new music? The advice I’ve heard is to go with what naturally comes out of you and not what is playing on the radio. Be different… It's cool. Give us some advice when it comes to pushing forward in your career?

I would say to just keep going and never stop no matter how hard it gets. The mere action of just doing what you love with intention to be better can do wonders. It’s unreal how wild life is and where it’ll take you if you just let it.

Band | The BRKN

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