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Getting to Know: Itz Jaleel

Jaleel Cunningham aka "Itz Jaleel" is a rapper from Nashville, TN. He grew up on old school r&b because that’s the music his parents would always dance to. Early on in middle school he was introduced to poetry and that’s where he started developing his pen game without even knowing it. But poetry, at the time, was more like a hobby and he started playing school sports. Then in his Junior year of high school he released his first rap song on soundcloud. He then found liked to rap but it still wasn’t something he saw as “life-changing” for himself. So he'd release a song or two every now and then for awhile on soundcloud even after he started college in 2017. Then around his Junior year at Tennessee State a close relative passed away, and that’s what pushed him to become a rapper.

Jaleel then released his first album in 2020 and that project became the start for “Itz Jaleel”. After graduating from TSU in 2021 he's been spending his time working and making music. He's done plenty of shows around Nashville, with plans to do more shows in ATL soon.

His mentors are family and friends in or around the music industry like Malcolm Dewayne and Langston Hues. And his main goal with music is to provide for his family, and to become one of the greats in the game!

How do you plan to top your new music?

I always plan to do better than previous when I’m creating music, and one way is adding more live instruments to my production.

Current obsession with your music?

My current obsession with my music is finding these crazy, hard-hitting beats and just putting a new flow on it to make new sounds in the studio.

Current obsession outside of music?

I don’t really have any obsessions outside of music.

Any predictions one year from now?

In a year from now I’ll have a lot more Itz Jaleel merch, more new music, and more shows!

What do you love to do on your days off when you want to unplug from music?

When I unplug from music I’m usually chilling with the homies or with family.

Anything you're reflecting on from this past year?

From this past year I’ve been reflecting on a lot of self growth, close people that I’ve lost, and the amount of time I put into chasing my dreams.

How do we continue to support you?

You can support me by listening to my music and it’s available on all major platforms. If you want to look at content you should watch my music videos or follow me on the socials. I appreciate everyone that supports me, just stay tuned because it gets better!






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