Italian band, Red Roll, is making 2022 their best year yet. They just released their new song, Shrift, which will be followed by the release of their full length album later this month through Universal Music Italia. The album was recorded in Monza, Frequenze Studios, January 2022, and according to the band, creating this album was very therapeutic. Each song depicts a state of mind, a marginality, an extreme; a departure from what is socially acceptable in daily life. A departure from what we say out loud in everyday life.

The band, Red Roll, was born in the summer of 2018. It was formed by four lifelong musicians. The band is composed of Passo on vocals and guitar, Leo on guitars and vocals, Cesi on bass, and Jonny on drums. Since that day, they have played nonstop. They have been making their dreams come true one step after another. Red Roll has found a way to get their music out there, despite the unprecedented times of the pandemic, which was full of restrictions, particularly in Italy.

This year the world will see the escalation of Red Roll as a band in the music world. The band just signed a distribution deal with Universal Music Italia for their upcoming album, and have recently signed with manager Andrea Dulio.

Hi Red Roll! Thank you for taking this interview with us! Congratulations on your music! How exciting! How long have you been making music?

Hey! Thank you for having us here! It's a pleasure. We've been making music for.....a long time! I think around 20 years... but with this band we started 3 years ago.

Why did you choose the title for the new music?

At a certain point you have to say " it is enough", put a dot and ..... start something new. This is that moment.

Can you tell our audience what the song is about?

"Another Way Of Silence" is our confession. Inside this album there is our deepest part, and our sickest part. We like to say that it is a journey inside the sickest part of ourselves. It is like a session with the psychologist...12 sessions!

The album took shape during the lockdown in Italy. We couldn't play, we couldn't find each other. So we started working on this album, sending us the ideas and the first home recordings via whatsapp. We started making sense of our days, we started making noise over that silence.

Why did you choose to release the music now?

We've been working on this album for 2 years!

Can you tell us the journey about making the music?

Every song inside this album has a story. We don't have one way to create music. Sometimes we start from a guitar riff idea, sometimes from a vocal line, sometimes from a suggestion.... Each song has a different story.

What kind of journey was it for you to be ready to release the music?

We have tried to achieve our best from all points of view. The songs, the lyrics, the arrangements, the artwork etc ... This is what we are and we have tried to take care of every detail in the best possible way.

Where can new fans stream it?

You Tube Channel: Spotify:

How do they follow you?

Here are all links to our social media pages!!

Instagram page: Facebook page:

Thank you for this interview Red Roll!