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Adam Rich reveals what you should be listening to right now and what's coming up next!

Love the music Adam everyone should stream Heal my Heart! You have a really cool vibe!

Thanks so much!! Elle Vee did such a great job with the vocals and it took the song to a whole new level and I couldn't be happier with the result :)

What is something you have to push yourself to do when making new music?

I feel like I always have to make sure that each new song I work on is a little different than the previous one. I think it's good to have your "sound" as a producer or artist but it's important to give each song its own identity so you can evolve with every project. This can often range from the vocal, main lead sound, structure, drums, or just overall production.

How do you choose who you want to collaborate with?

When I'm looking to work with another singer/songwriter, I listen to some of their previous work and see if I think their overall style and vibe would work well with my sound. I usually have a specific sound I'm looking for when I finish a beat that needs vocals. The collabs don't always work out unfortunately but that is part of the process that every producer experiences. Also, I'm hoping this fall to work on some projects with other producers who have a similar vision to myself to make something truly special.

Do you specifically concentrate on something more than the other when you are making music?

Once the main elements and ideas are finished, most of my focus is on making the mix sound as clean as possible. This can often be a real pain because I have many sounds and layers in my songs so there is more to mix. But I try to make sure that the song sounds really good on my phone and car before I start thinking about preparing it for release.

What music are you working on right now?

I'm working on several new projects that will be coming out soon. I have more progressive house songs with some awesome vocalists and a couple songs that are a little slower than my usual stuff but I like to change it up here and there. I also have a follow up to my song, Darkness, which I'm extremely excited about :)

What's next for you in your career?

My main focus is to keep releasing more music consistently and then hopefully start playing shows both in the USA and abroad. I know I have amazing fans internationally that I would love to play for in the near future.

How do we continue to support you?

You can follow me below:

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