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The Rockstar Greg Hoy is coming to a city near YOU!

What new music do you have cooking up right now?

The new single & video 'Highway 101' is out now, and as it's a song about love in a road trip, it's just in time for our 20 city US 'Move Along' tour. The band flew in from all over (Jim from Denver, Vicky from LA, Dave from NYC). We finished 4 days of fun rehearsals here in Oakland, CA. It was like no time had passed since the 2019 tour. Then we went out on the town for cocktails and tapas in San Francisco to celebrate reuniting. We can't wait to play for people again in the coming weeks — you can check out our tour dates at SongKick.

What are you streaming right now over and over for inspiration?

So much great new music right now! Of course, we've been jamming the music of some of the bands we'll be sharing a stage with on this tour: our fellow BSquared artists in Nashville Juliana Hale and Brynn Bowman, Rolling Sixes in Illinois, Beebe Gallini in Minneapolis... Elsewise, the new Blake Mills album is fantastic. Ty Segall's Harmonizer is killer. 'Escapades' by Gaspard Augé has been on constant rotation (great hair, too).

Do you tend to stay inspired for a while or is there a dip from time to time? How do you deal with that if there is?

That's a great question! Inspiration comes from all around. If my serotonin is low or my ADHD is in a rut, I'll throw myself into something new. Exercise is always helpful — a nice walk with nature, too. But really learning a new skill has proven to excite the part of your brain that keeps you feeling good. Picking up some new skill is key! For example, the first few shows of this tour, we'll be playing as a two piece band, so I practiced kicking on a bass amp for my songs in real time. That way I pretend I'm both! It sounded way better than I thought it might. Now if I can only play & dance as good as Jack White...

What kind of groove are you in right now?

The world is in a very weird place. Division and distraction seem to be constant. Meditating is very helpful to me, along with making lists of stuff to do especially as we prepare to hit the road for tour. Sometimes, just checking off a bunch of mundane tasks helps keep you in that groove. That, and a lot of coffee.

How excited are you to have new music out? Tell us a time where the reaction to your new music left a lasting impression with you?

My gratitude is high for all the amazing response the new music has received. The third single from the LP - released late last year 'Can You Take It?' - features the legendary hip hop artist Ice-T. The video was nominated for a California Music Video award in the spring (we didn't win, but hey, that's cool) and it's gotten a lot of great feedback. I mean, Teez McGee loves us. So that's just awesome to have people respond so positively to the music we made during a very dark time for us all. As Ice-T says, 'Can You Take It?' and the only answer can be YES. I. CAN.

You are wonderful Greg! Leave us with a wonderful quote to leave our audience with a lasting impression of YOU!

One of my favorite artists, Brittany Howard, has a song called 'Stay High'. It's a nice guide to how we can deal with the harshness of reality — create your own world. Make art, get free, make your life a masterpiece. ''Cause where I come from everybody frowns & walks around... with that ugly thing on their face And where I come from we work hard & grind and hustle all day... Yes, we do! There comes a time at night, where we get to play & we smile and laugh and jump and clap and yell and holler and just feel great.' So be like Brittany: find your precious ones, and let yourself yell and holler and just feel great!

Social media!

All the things at and really the videos are fun over at YouTubes! See you on the road, America!

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