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Comprised of local New Yorkers from Queens and Long Island: Dylan Trif, (Lead Vocals), Charlie LoMonaco, (Lead Guitar/ Background Vocals), John Devito, (Bass), Ben Bustamante, (Drums/ Background Vocals), and Brendan Sandhovel, (Rhythm Guitar). SAMSARA. draws their influence from several styles including grunge, funk, metal, and alternative. SAMSARA.'s “alt sound” weaves grunge with today's modern rock. Despite being a young band, they have received praise from professionals within the music community. In September of 2021, they came in 2nd place at the Tarrytown Music Hall’s “Rock The Hall”. Their music has received airplay on SiriusXM's Channel 21 , as well as different college radio broadcasts and local radio stations. SAMSARA has played some of the area's most notorious rock venues, a handful of regional music festivals and street fairs, and have worked with seasoned professionals in the music industry.

Talk to us about your latest music! What a vibe!! Our latest release, our single SWEET, is a very cool song. We are working on new music all the time. It is fun, with dark undertones.

How do you go about creating your vibe for your music? We work on our music together. It is a process that all 5 of us participate in, usually one gets an idea and shares it with the rest of us. Sometimes through text. And then we just build from there. We all have very different tastes in styles of music and somehow it works How much time did you spend on this latest set? Our three most recent singles, isolation, martyr, and sweet (martyr is not available yet stay tuned) were written in a couple of days, we spent one day at the studio, and a couple of days working out the sound Do you ever spend time just circling around the music and worrying about letting it go? Yes we have some songs we are constantly working on, always evolving

What do you grip onto most when it comes to the creative process? Sound.

What was your writing process like and how did it affect you? It really is a build together type of process where we work all together. Cohesive. Who do you trust to give advice if something is ready or not? Honestly, we listen to each other, and we usually are all on the same page, so if someone says a song is not ready, doesn't matter who says it, we all probably feel the same

Where is all your music so we can continue to listen!

You can find all our music on all streaming sites:

which can be found on our beacons page here:

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